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Liver: A tad concerned

3-days ago I noticed some pain on my right upper abdomen.  And tightness.  I started having a headache yesterday and the "soreness" feeling is worse.  Today the headache is REAL and both sides of the abdomen are sore to the touch, but mostly on…

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7 Replies · Reply by Joe Berry Sep 24

Itching post tx

Hello friends..

I have been 14 month s post kidney tx... evrthing looks good but I am facing problem with becomes worst sometimes...I hv been using some meds n lotion but no use...can anyone faced this after tx and how to…

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Generic myfortic


Has anyone switched from brand Myfortic to the generic?  My insurance (Aetna) will no longer cover the brand.  I have been 5 years with creatinine under .9 and hate to rock the boat now.

Many thanks for any feedback.

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6 Replies · Reply by Steve Pearson Sep 8

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