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cramps in hands

anybody here experiencing cramps in their hands? it's both annoying and painful. it will just last seconds but I'm so annoyed as my fingers seems to lock really. adding to this, I'm having this shaky hands. my nephro told me that it's due to the…

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16 Replies · Reply by Steve Pearson Nov 12

overseas online pharmacies

hello friends. just want to hear from you regarding overseas online pharmacies. I had research done on this but still very hesitant. I need to find ways for access for cheaper meds as it is really expensive here in our country, the Philippines. 1mg…

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15 Replies · Reply by Armand Nov 12

When to go to hospital

Sounds crazy, which is part of the issue, but not sure how sick should be before I go to emergency. Sometimes I think maybe go in, but don't want to seem like a hypochondriac. Plus er is pretty bad. Any yard stick to measure this by? Thanks.

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7 Replies · Reply by Stephanie Nov 12

Swelling on face

Is there any way by which we can manage swelling on face and upper body, i am on 7.5 mg wysolone once a day but i always have a lot of swelling specially on my face and cheeks, anyone knows how to manage it?

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4 Replies · Reply by Aarushi Nov 12

Questions about my donor

It's funny how the mind works, I seem to have forgotten the night I got THE CALL from the hospital with an offer of a liver. There were some risks with the liver they were offering, one of them being sexual proclivities. I was told it wasn't a high…

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6 Replies · Reply by Pati Nov 11

The longest kidney transplant

Hello. I would love to read some positive things from people that have had a kidney transplant. Have they been well and if not what side affect have they had from the meds they are on and how they sorted it out.I have had my transplant for twelve…

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19 Replies · Reply by Mishel Nov 11

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