After you completed your profile on your My Place page during sign up, the system will send you an email once your profile is accepted.

Regarding Emails from this website

 Please read and edit your profile on your My Place page regarding email messages from this website.

On Your My Place page, click  Options located top right of your page. Then click on Email located top middle of page. This will bring up the Email Frequency page.

On the Email frequency page you will see various check boxes. Click  daily  in order to receive one email from us per day.  Click Update when you make any change on this page.

 If you Do Not want to receive emails from us check the box that says " I don't want to receive emails from Transplant"

Stay in touch with us by signing up for our Newsletter which is located on the home page or visit this link

 Sign up for our Newsletter

Changing your Profile name

Go to your My Place page top right of page you will see OPTIONS click on Edit Profile.

Change your name in the appropriate box then click update at the bottom of the page

Your Profile- Photo

Go to your My place page. Top right of page you will see  Options.  Click on either cover or profile photo. This will bring up your file on your computer where you can choose your next photo. When you select your new photo click add. Then at the bottom of the page click update. Thank you for adding your photo.

General information about Home Page

Please avoid using Internet Explorer to visit this website. 

Everything on the Home page is like the Headlines on a front page of a newspaper.  You can always find every page on this website located at the top links(header).

The main sections are displayed on the home page as well on the header tabs.

 Be sure to also check subheader underneath the header links at the top of each page to read how each section of this site works. There are more detailed instructions.

Underneath our globe on the home page you will see "Latest Activity". You can glance at the various latest topics from groups, forums, blogs and photos. This section is ideal for those who visit us often.

Responding to messages or creating your own posts on forum and group sections

 Each section of this website works the same way. Your My Place page keeps track of all your latest activity. If you forget where you last posted, it would be a good idea to check your My Place page often. Click at the top of the header that says My Place which is your own personal page here.

  • Contact New Friends

  • Once your friend request is accepted you will be able to personally contact our members who are on your friends list.
  • Go to the members "My Place" page  

    Underneath their profile photo, you will see a people icon to Add Friend.

    When you click on the people icon you have an option to send them a message.

    How to Send a Private Message to your Friends list

    Go to your inbox (top right of all pages and check off the friends who you want to contact then create your message. Click send when you are finished.

    Please do not be offended if someone does not accept your friend request. There are several reasons for this. They probably have edited their email settings to not receive emails from this website.

If You are having trouble signing in once you are a member

It is best to reset your password in this case. Go to  our Sign In page click on Forgot your password. You can reset your password and test the system again. Be sure that your caps lock key is not engaged.

Would you like to follow a specific post?

At the bottom of each post you will see text that says 
Email me when there are new items –Click Blue Follow Button.

If you click Follow you will receive an email for every forum, blog post from Transplant

Thank You,

Hostess Rise'

Please contact me if you have any questions after reading this page.

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