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  • If you want to spread the word about the need for living donors Living Kidney Donors Network has a national program to educate the public. Fraternal Education Initiative will provide you with the information you need to speak at fraternal clubs where you live. For more info go to:  or email me at:

  • Thank you hearttxp man

  • Been a member of the Cleevland Chapter for years. Am not as active as I used to be but still  attend events when I can.

    MY Favorite is the Donor Sabath Service in early Nov. A way to remember and thank Our Donors. Just wish More would attened ? I think the Old Stone Church Should Be full with all of the transplant recieapants Here In Cleveland !

  • Our local TRIO Philadelphia chapter has just published a book for children, with a true lung transplant story, illustrated by children of families who have faced organ transplant.  That is the family has faced transplant, not the children themselves. This book helps the child understand what the family is facing.  Its free and can be viewed or even printed out at

  • I'm a member of TRIO Pittsburgh. In Pennsylvania. Just became a member this year. Went to some great meetings.
  • Hi Dap

    I agree. I became a member back in 96.
  • TRIO is another wonderful resource and voice for the Transplant community.
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