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  • Hey there ~<br/>
    Caregiver to husband of 20 years. He's a two time kidney transplant survivor. Owns his own business. Works 40 hours+ a week, has 5 employees. Hard working man. Tough to see him struggle at times. Meds and some long term side effects are beginning to be noticeable to me. Would love some support from others in my shoes.
  • My husband has been on the transplant list for years. We got the news yesterday that they found a match, he would be getting both a heart and liver. We have two boys a four year old and a two year old. After I put them to bed I got a call from his mom, he had an allergic reaction to the vitamin K shot. He is stable now, we are eating to hear when they will be doing the surgery. Today he turn 34.
  • Caregiver here.  Trying to stay positive, my son is having a rough time.  He eats some times, some time he wont.  He is down, so i m trying to stay up, getting him out side for walks.  Trying to engage him in fun activity. Hope tomorrow will be better.

  • I am the caregiver to my fiance who is 14 years post transplant but is now has Chronic Rejection and is waiting on his second one. We have two beautiful children(5 years and 5 months old). I would love to get to know other caregivers and speak with people that truly understand the stress involved.

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      • What a beautiful story.

        Just know that not everyone on this site sees their older messages. You replied to Ashley from a post dated three years ago

        it would be great if you can contribute to our forum.

        Thank you so much 

  • Dear Roxanne,

    Congratulations to your son for what he has achieved and to you for having such caring and inspiring son! His advice is excellent. Sometimes it can be easy to worry so much about the future and our plans for the future that the present can slip away. I agree it is important to use our time as wisely as possible and as though the future may not come so that we remember to squeeze the most out of the present. May he be blessed in many more ways. I hope that you are also faring well. Many hugs.

  • Roxanne! now that is a awesome advice! Give your Son my best! WOW

  • My son is and was my caregiver through that long road to my gift.He took most of the stress but when interviewed by a local newspaper said the thing he learned most going through the ordeal with me was you have to find something you love to do and do it now.So he quit his deadend safe job and is now acting and doing extra work.Thats something I would never have guessed.Today he is on the set of the new Spiderman Movie that will be released next year and good for him.Two lessons learned

  • Aisha, you are a wonderful mother. Your son is so lucky to have you. Hope you have more good days than bad.

  • Take care of yourself Aisha.
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