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  • I have developed severe neuropathy in my feet and up my legs. Especially at night the pain is out of control. I don't take any pain meds as I don't think they make a difference. Anyone have any experience with this?

  • WHO wants to Join our A1C Challenge? If you want to do this together all you need to do is report on your page and here how you are going to go about lowering your A1c. Tell your friends so they can support you. What is going to be your strategy? How do you plan on improving your numbers-what will you do on a daily basis to see your goal a reality? Just reply below to say you are in for this challenge.

  • Thanks Jay, I appreciate that. Good luck with your journey as well.

  • Good tip, Walt. Thanks. The book looks great.

    And, congrats on your kidney transplant.

  • Just a word to everyone who follows a strict diet and takes a set amount of short acting insulin before meals. Ask your doctor about "carb counting." This is where you determine a ratio of insulin taken to carbs consumed. In other words, if your ratio is 1 to 15, then you would take 1 unit of short acting insulin for every 15 grams  of carbohydrate you consume. It gives you a lot more flexibility and it's pretty easy. Of course, you still have to eat a healthy balance diet and exercise. I discuss this in my book: "Diabetes! A Lifetime of Being Too Sweet."

  • Hi, my name is Walt. I am the author of "DIABETES! A Lifetime of Being Too Sweet." The book is part autobiographical, (I grew up in the inner city next door to a large organized crime family) and part about research, lifestyle, the T1D Study, and hopes for a cure. Garry Tobin MD, Director of the Diabetes Clinic at Barnes Hospital wrote the Foreword. I would love to share my vast experience with diabetes on this forum. I also contribute to the kidney transplant forum as I received one in 2011.

  • In case you have problems with the link for Medicare Diabetic Testing Supplies, try this (the link in the previous message didn't know how to deal with spaces)

  • Just received this document in the mail from Medicare, and thought some may be interested.

    It describes the changes to the diabetic testing supplies program that takes effect on July 1, 2013. Since this is only a month away, it is worth reading if you have Medicare and get your supplies delivered to your home.

    Medicare’s National Mail-Order Program for Diabetic Testing Supplies

  • Hi everyone. I am type 1 diabetic, I take 4 units twice a day of Nova Rapid & 28 units of lantis once a day. Before my liver transplant, I was up to 60 units of Nova rapid & 38 of Lantis. I have it controled & watch what I eat & cheat once & awhile, lol. Hugs to everybody.

  • To anyone who needs information and would like a nice book. Click here: Type 2 Diabetes

    Only 6.4MB download

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