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Energy Medicine is my favorite way to relax and recharge my body. Please share a healing art that has worked for you.  Great book to buy is "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden and David Feinstein PhD. 

In the photo below- Donna Eden on the left and Rise' on the right taken several years ago. I am a big fan of Donna's work and finally had a few minutes to meet her in person. I hope I can meet her again in the future. She has so much Energy! Rise'

Energy Medicine blog on Transplant Buddies

To purchace a book, video visit

My favorite-life saving technique that I love is Sedatng lung acuppressure points

With light touch hold inside knee and arm (inline with thumb in the crease of the inside of your arm) for sedating lung points. opposite side- you are crossing energy over. Hold one side until you feel relaxed or the pulses are in sync with one another. All you need is a light touch.

Strengthening  lung- hold baby finger and inside thumb as shown in the photo.

Hold each position for three minutes or until when you feel both pulses beating at the same time.  If you are a lung patient and have a pulse oximeter see if your oxygen level goes up. When I was sick and had countless panic attacks daily, my only solution and help was to hold this points countless times per day and it worked!   My husband held these points when he first saw me after my transplant when I was heavily sedated and on the respirator. Guess what- I tried to open my eyes for the first time!

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