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  • Hi people, I am new to this group.  What you go guys talk about here?

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  • I do this app that is called calm. It not cheep but it fits my needs. I also just meditate on my own and focus on the moment in pray and take in the air and moment around me. It really keep me centered. And when days or moments are difficult I try to think in the moment and breath. For me saying prayers over n over in my head helps me maintain focus. Really Ihave goind meditation and praying is interchangeable both gives me the same results. 

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    • This is really a great post. Thank you


    Newly published research genetic evidence of yoga's impact on the immune system

    • Yoga definitely helped my recovery. As well as meditating every day, even if just for 10 minutes.
  • Mani here Age 33.  I am 5 months post kidney Tx. I go to gym regularly. I also have a fistula on my right arm. My Q is , IS there a limit to the amont of weight i can lift with my right arm cause of fistula.

    Also wht king of protein shake can i take? I mam not taking any right now. Is it safe? I will discuss this with my doc as well.

    Thx .. Mani ! 

  • Hi, Mani:  I had to start rebuilding the many small muscles that affect stability by using those elastic bands wrapped around one ankle then extending that leg outwards, forwards, and backwards (as many reps as possible per set) while balancing on the other leg.  Do several sets on each leg and you will find this slight resistance makes a big difference. Good luck and welcome to the post-transplant world.  Enjoy every day. :)

  • Hi Folks ..

    Mani here Age 32.  I am 5 months post kidney Tx. I have started the gym recently [along with raquetball] and want to focus on strength training. I have lost weight post tx [i never gained weight after tx rapidly.] I was 72kg when health. I was 57kg after tx. today i m 60kg. My fitness has definitely improved by i still have to follow a routine. Can anyone suggest a routine/link for strength training. How about improving balance using my own weight.

    For those interested i am on cellcept. Cyclosporine and predinsolone. Still have some acne due to prednisolone but doc is reducing it so it will go away soon.Comments are welcome.

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Many of us have read that transplant recipients have  become fit after their transplant.

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