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    BREAST Cancer Screening Harming hundreds of women a year

  • Anyone going through pre-menopause or menopause?...I am having hot flashes, but have been forbidden to take anything to help. Most of the supplements trash your liver, especially Black Cohosh, and anything that ends in Cohosh.
  • I think the "Pill Police" deserve a special badge to honor them and their willingness  "to protect and serve" those of us who need and cherish them!

  • Funny about the pill police...when I had my transplant my husband monitor my pills for the first couple of weeks...don't think I could have done it without him.

  • Ssteph is right on. When I met my husband I was already sick and he has been by my side for the last 15 years. There are definitely special men out there. Don't give up. And steph, Scott is my pill police too. I love it!!!!

  • Connie,  Ssteph is so right. there are great men out there who are not afraid of being there for a woman through thick and thin.  You should not hold back dating because life is too short.  I realized this when I had a kidney transplant 6 years ago.  Don't put your life on hold, live it!


  • Hi Connie, No...finding someone to accept you is not unrealistic at all.  There are great men out there looking for someone special and as beautiful as you no matter what baggage you bring.  I met someone truly special about 9 months before I had my K/P tx.  The first night we met we bonded over a discussion about a horrible motorcycle accident he had been in and the upcoming TX I was going to be having and how life changing events can affect how you look at life. We found we had so many life views in common.  The closer we became I was very open and honest about what life could be like for me after tx and that I understood if he wanted out!  I gave him an out, but he never took it.  He has been with me every step of the way!  I call him the "pill police" because he always makes sure I take my pills on time!  I am one of the lucky ones who have not had any complications (knock on wood) since tx (almost 2 yrs post), so my post tx life is much like my life, energetic with a sense of adventure.  He truly is my soul mate.  And I am as grateful for him coming into my life as I am for my donor who is now a part it!  Put yourself out there!  A special someone is waiting for you! 

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