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  • Hello I also had a open heart by pass and liver transplant at the same time 10 months ago
  • Today two years ago my husband had his second liver transplant. (He had two liver transplants in five days) It changed our lives dramatically. We are so grateful. We do not know anybody that had an organ transplant or waiting for an organ. Our knowledge about transplant were zero. And then it happened to my husband and now we just want to know as much as we can.

  • Hello all !
    I would be gald to share any thing I've learned and experienced about my heart and liver transplants over the past 8 years. Please check out my profile for details.
    All the best my friends !
    • Hello David I also had a open heart by pass and liver transplant at the same time 10 months ago
  • I am a Heart Transplant that will be 4 years old on Jan 28, 2013! I have been with this site since 2006 when it was Transplant Buddy's. It has kept me going through all the good times and the bad. If you are just joining us Welcome. You will find we are like family here.

  • In August I learned that I will need a heart/liver transplant. I have tricuspid atresia and have always known I would need a heart transplant but we thought it would be much farther down the line so learning that I need both and I am 24 was a bit of a shock. I am so happy to find others who have gone through or are going through the same thing

  •    if your thinking about U of Miami (not Michigan) I had my liver tx there 5yrs ago! they are the best kept secret in America!  not the newest hospital, but the best!    

  • HI guys, I'm new here.

    I, myself, am not the transplant recipient, but my 13 year old brother is in the consulting process for both a heart and liver at this time. Originally my family was planning on doing Children's hospital in Detroit but I guess they said that because his liver is bad as well they are unable to do the operation. So now my parents are looking into U of M health systems and Cleavland Clinic.

  • It would be my guess that Religion and Social Acceptance would be both hard for some folks. I get weird reads from some family members and wonder what it will be like after my transplant surgery. I wish you the best and hopefully they will come to grips with the reality of life over individual opinions.
  • Hi all,

    I'm on waiting list for new liver and have been cleared through health workups. Located in Michigan and attending U of M Medical center for my transplant. Best of luck to us all !

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A combined heart and liver transplant is very rare and I have been searching for other recipients for some time. Please feel free to join if you are waiting or received a heart and liver transplant. 

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