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  • Hope everyone's having a good year still have my cat snickers he on my bed right now he's my best friend he likes laying on my chest getting me up in middle of night and just being a good friend my doctor is going to try to treat my hep c so I'm hopping that goes well time for coffie talk to Yunz later
  • Hi All,

    Hope you are keeping well and enjoyed all the holiday festivities.

    I am still waiting a heart transplant, but i am considering getting a baby corn snake as a pet. I understand that reptiles are 1 of the types of animals that are advised not to have after having a transplant. I've had 1 before when i was younger, and know how to care fully for them. As far as i believe, as long as you take the right precautions making sure your hands are clean using anti-bacterial soap and alchowash before and after handling the snake, obviously don't put the snake near your face (ie kissing it), keep the enclosure immaculately clean using all anti bacterial animal safe, cleaning products, to clean all surfaces and equipment, then this minimises the risks of infection. Am i correct in thinking this would be alright?

    The 1 thing i am a little worried about is, although a corn snake is not venomous, they can sometimes bite, just like any animal. Would this be a major concern as it's a reptile? Or would the risk be just the same as keeping any other pet which could potentially bite you?

    Has anyone else owned reptiles after receiving a transplant? If so, how have you got on and what are your thoughts on this?

    Stay Well


  • I love my cat snickers a few years back my suger went low and they had to call peramedics cause I was unconscious and my cat woke everybody up for me and saved my life
  • Well my car of 14 yrs has past away today at 3 pm PST while laying on my lap, she will be miss
  • Hello everyone, it's been a while. Noticed the new look, very nice just have to find everything. My baby had surgery a couple of weeks ago, he had stones. He had surgery and hasn't gotten back his appetite. I've tried all his favorites and nothing. Yesterday made him some hamburger meat and he ate some. Made him some egg this am and wasn't interested, worried. Took him to the vet, assured me he was ok. :(
  • Hey Mark.  You are so correct - we are well trained. Thanks for helping me get his photo on the site - I appreciate it very much.

  • Thanks Rachel. Tanner is a very special fellow and yes he is beautiful.  Before we got Tanner in December we had our little Nellie girl. She was a Tri-colored Cavalier and just beautiful - but she hated to be groomed and did everything she could to avoid it. She had all the wonderful traits of Tanner, however not his humor. She was nine years old and died on December 10 of last year.  We thought that our hearts would break - the house was so empty without her. I still get teary eyed thinking about her and her death. The wonderful woman that we bought Nellie from knew of our grief and offered Tanner to us. That's how he came to be our guy. Like all of you on the Pet List we feel this deep love for our boy.  I always chide my children and tell them that Nellie and Tanner are the best kids of the whole bunch of them - they know I am just kidding - well maybe!

  • Good Morning

    Yvonne, sounds like you have one very special boy there.  I love reading stories like yours :)    He is beautiful, good job on the grooming.  I can't get mine to sit still. 

  • Our kids have moved away & we have had 2 other kids  in our life, 10 yr. old Rosie, Sitzu Havenese- & 12 yr. Casey, Terrier X Shitzu, bad spelling, lol. They are full of love for us & like-wise. They have us well trained, lol. When they pass away, we will get two rescue dogs & give them lots of love that they didn't have before. Hugs to all animal lovers.

  • Yvonne, looks like the work of a pro to me. It sounds like Tanner has you both trained very well :)
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