• Hi Duane: I too am a kitty lover. Recently I sadly had to put down one of my four felines, Lucy. Still have her sister Dolly, her son Ricky and nephew Edgar.  They and my little canine pal Cooper are my furry family. As you know I had my lung transplant end of last year and am now sadly diagnosed with BOS and am again on the list awaiting my second transplant.  My animals are one of the greatest comforts in this storm and they will help me get through this second waiting and hopefully transplant and recovery.

    FYI to all transplant cat people who cannot change litter boxes.  I found the perfect (somewhat expensive but worth it) solution.  Self flushing system cat litter box alternative called The Cat Genie.  Check it out! It has been the answer to my prayers.  I live alone and initially was depending on friends for cat box cleaning. 

  • I hope she feels better

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