Sad and Worried

I would have made a "R.I.P. Video" for Lucky when she passed last week, but it was behind closed eyes, goodbye to me and my brothers childhood, plus it was sentimental and very hard for my mom being as she kept Lucky alive for an extra 2 years to the month injecting her with IV's to treat her Kidney failure...... we put her down in the yard underneath the tree she loved at My Mom and Dads, the Veterinarian came over when he was scheduled not to work....and he even shed a tear, . Still hard to cope with for us, we jerk tears out of our eyes, and tell people nothing is wrong when really something is because they don't understand how awesome it is and what work went into keeping her alive for my Mom..

And now my second baby is having a kidney failure, I lost my job and cannot take care of her now. Any advice and help will be most appreciated

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  • Charles, I just want to say I am very sorry for the loss of  your beloved pet.  I know  this is a very tough time for you and I want you to know that I share in your loss.  I don't have an answer as far as the second baby, maybe you can advertise for a   special needs caregiver for your baby.  I'm so sorry.  Good Luck.


    • Charles, You are not alone in the pit of disappointment. I believe my Papiloon, the Duchess of Yappington, is paramount in making me stick around waiting for some bunknown soul to buy the farm and give me his kidney. I have been stage 5 for yrs now, 11% functioning left, and steadfastly refuse advice to begin dialysis.I wad on it for 5 weeks 2 plus yrs ago, and tslked them into granting me a reprieve. I was offered a cadaver kidney last week as I approched the hospital over 700 mi from home with my caregivers. Waiting to check in, they called and said it was cancelled because the surgeon thought the kidney was too small for me. Bigtime disappointment. We also serve who sit in the waiting room endlessly. Now back to the drawing boardback home.

      Another Charles

    • I choose to be liberated from my fear, to release it, to let it go. I am having tears in my eyes as I do not want to second baby to passed on. Can anyone help?

    • Charles, I'm sorry to sound confused - do you have a child with kidney disease?

    • Yes Mark, and it's very difficult for me at the moment, I need help ASAP.

    • In order to get the help you want, you must provide more detail than a passing reference to your baby in the course of a conversation about pets. I suggest that you start a new discussion with a brief summary of your situation and what kind of help you are asking for. It might also be helpful to update your profile to reflect this updated information. Good luck to you Charles.


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