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    This is an article about sleep YOGA poses


    I found this link very interesting to read.

  • I eat some marijuana cake before bed and it has helped immensely. My doc prefers that I take Nabilone (synthetic cannibinoid) because it is titrated. It however hasn't been tested to the degree of marijuana. I told him that humans have been self titrating since forever by sampling small amounts till they hit the right amount.
  • I strongly believe that a healthy fish breathing in moving water is more healthy and a human sleeping in clean moving air is also healthy. I use a air cleaner purifier made by (Oreck air cleaner) and run it on low each night.

  • I am finally sleeping better since being able to reduce the MYFORTIC level that I take.  I began to tolerate it less & less, having more & more problems.  I am 2 years out from a kidney transplant and I am now on 180 mg twice a day.  (Plus Prograf & Prednisone)

  • I follow the old adage:

    "Breakfast like a king.  Lunch like a prince.  Dinner like a pauper."

    That is, I have effectively interchanged my breakfast and dinner.  I eat my biggest, most protein-packed meal of the day in the morning before leaving home.  (Like the astronauts just before a space launch, I may well eat steak and eggs for breakfast.)  That gives me energy for most of the day, so I don't droop or nap.

    And I eat a small, carb-heavy meal (maybe some buttered toast or a muffin and some fruit) for dinner.  That way, I'm not re-energized and it's easier to fall asleep a few hours afterward.

  • This might sound crazy, but I have been sleeping like a baby since I stopped drinking cows milk!

  • Sleep what is that about 4 hours a night even all the walking I do. Maybe a sleeping pill or something, comp. chat to busy in the day I guess I like the night.

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So many of us have trouble sleeping throughout the night.  Please share how the quality of sleep affects your life. What changes have you made that worked and what simply doesn't.  We can all learn from one another.

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