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  • Hello currently six months post kidney transplant... I only have one question to ask,Can I start doing aerobics and gym?

  • I had my kidney transplant 8 months back .My creatinine at the time of discharge was in the range 0.7-0.9.It increased in 6-7 months to 1.21.After stopping Septran.My creatinine is 1.12-1.15 for last 1.5 months. Are these levels high. I consume 3-3.5 ltrs of water daily.


    • Post-transplant Creatinine levels are likely the best they could be because everything (fluid intake, diet, medications) is controlled. Your true "normal" may be a few weeks after, as you live your life. The most important aspect of the creatinine levels is that it remains static, not steadily rising over weeks. Your level @ 1.15 is very good. Throughout my first Tx, my level floated around 1.6. Try not to get alarmed by intermittent changes as this number is affected  by many factors (hydration, medications, illness....) and move a little often. Congratulations on recieving your Tx! 

      • Update my nephro was ok with creatinine level.i want to know I have a painless kind of sore on the roof of my mouth for 2-3 has now reduced in size.i gargle with hot salt water and take steam often..I didn't ask my doctor since i thought it might be because of high PTH.

      • Thanks a lot ..last time I visited my nephro, he was concerned at 1.11 level l.This time it is 1.15 I wonder how would he react.

        • Hello, 

          I know it is difficult but you have to stay calm. I have been to this phase and still going on. My createnine was usually between .9 to 1 but in last 1 month it went upto 1.8 and now 1.2. 

          Trust your doctor and thing will work out for you. I am sure you will be fine. 

          Keep us posted. 

        • Females average lower creatinine levels than males (lower muscle mass = less creatinine production.) Hopefully your next blood test will show a stable creatinine. I would be interested  in what your Tx nephrologist has to say. Please keep us posted. 

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    • All efforts to contact the family of the donor is usually done through your Tx center. Please ask for their help. In some cases, there may be no family or their loss is too painful and they do not wish contact. The donor's family privacy should be respected.

  • 1)  I was curious about other's creatinine levels post transplant.  I hit just over 8 weeks at my last blood test and my creatinine was 1.35.  the lowest mine has been is 1.29 since my surgery.  After talking to a few others I have found mine to be a bit higher.  What were your creatinine levels 2 months post transplant?  Did you see them continue to drop at that point or did they stay stead or did you see them increase or was it a rise and fall from blood test to blood test?       

    2)  My other question - I have read that there are transplant centers who no longer use Prednisone for anti-rejection post transplant.  I have been on it and am told I will be on it forever..  Does anyone out there have the experience of getting off of prednisone after five days of your transplant and never taking it again?


    3)  How long did you take Valtrex and how long did you take Bactrim post transplant?  I know I will get off of them eventually but cannot remember which one is 3 months and which one is 6 months.  Did you have a similar strategy?  Is this typical treatment for everyone?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I wish everyone out there good health and successful recoveries and continued graft survival and a quality of life and long life.

    • There are many factors that affect Creatinine blood levels and there is NO normal level, more like what is normal for you. Males have a slightly higher level (more muscle - more waste) EVERY Tx IS AS UNIQUE AS IS THE RECIPIENT. There are over a hundred Tx centers that have a "No Steroid Protocol." their success is a combination of extensive experience and patient cooperation. When an issue develops, however, the first response is administering steroids to quell any sign of rejection.

      I believe Valtrex is given for three months, whereas Bactrim is usually prescribed for up to one year, post-transplant. It is a "right of passage" when medications are eliminated or reduced. I hope and pray you to enjoy many, many years in good health.


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