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  • Hi fellows,

    I was wondering why my triglycerides and cholesterol shoot up. I never had this before am only 39kg, 4'11 in height and very cautious on my diet. May be I would ask what statins your doctor prescribed. Thank you and specially to kidneyboy

    • Watch out for any and all process foods.  They clog up your blood with fatty substance ie the stuff your body don't break down...bad fat...yes, there is good fat, it's called brown fat.  Look it up!!!

      • Thank you very much

  • Greetings all,

    I'm writing to inquire for this acquaintance/myself:

    Shamgar and I have both been told our eligibility for transplant is contingent upon taking the experimental covax. Both of us have had/recovered from covid. Our natural immunity is being ignored and denigrated.

    Yet, Shamgar noted that no unvaxed cadaver organ is being denied transplant!


    UVA Denied Shamgar kidney because of vax refusal, organized by Lauren Connors
    My husband has 5 stage kidney failure and is on dialysis every night w… Lauren Connors needs your support for UVA Denied Shamgar kidney because of va…
    • To be a recipient involves taking high doses of immunosuppressant medication that negate your immunity to Covid and many other weak viruses. It also blocks the effect of the Covid-19 vaccination, producing low blood levels of antibodies to combat "invaders." I do not know of any program that doesn't require complete compliance to receive an organ, Please let us know if you find one, sorry.

      •  You're right.  There are MANY requirements of recipient & donor, and no steps (or shots) can be skipped for any reason. I had live donor TX 2 yrs ago, had my Moderna Covid shots  & 1 booster.  I then caught Omicron. Same symptoms as everybody else, and no worse. The head & bronchial congestion lasted 2 weeks, but I wasn't sick. Just like a bad cold. I'm going to get another booster in the future, but I won't get the Evusheld shots reccommended for TX patients.  It says more TX patients with a heart problem got SERIOUS heart problems from Evusheld shots than TX people w/o previous heart problems.  So I'm out. I have a narrowing & leaking aeortic valve. Not worth taking a chance.  

      • I tried posting this reference to naturally-acquired immunity to Covid:

        I'm not an MD or a scientist but if what you (Kidneyboy) say is true then it is counterintutive to require ANY vaccines before kidney transplant--you're essentially saying that the immunosuppressants invalidate any mRNA or naturally-acquired antibodies. 

        Again, if what you say is true, then monoclonal antibody treatments would be ineffective for transplant patients on immunosuppressives (by the same logic).

        I think someone with the credentials to address these facts needs to weigh in to objectively--if it can be known from available data to-date.

        150 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted…
        This follow-up chart is a list of 91 scientific studies and evidence on natural immunity to allow you to draw your own conclusions..
        • You get all of the required shots BEFORE transplant.  You don't get the TX if you don't compete the testing & requiements.  Too many people are willing and able to fill ALL requirements in order to receive a miracle kidney and a new life.  Think it over ... 

        • What I am saying is that the medications we are required to take, affect the bone marrow and production of killer T-cells White blood Cells, and other tools in the body's natural defenses to essentially weaken the immune response to "invaders" in the bloodstream.  The blueprint may be retained, however, the total number of white cells produced is reduced so the graph survives. The immune system is suppressed, not eliminated.

          These medications are also responsible for the low antibody levels in the blood, post-vaccination, Monoclonal antibody treatment ramps up production of white cells that have the protein marker specific to Covid  cells, eventually building the supply enough to fight the virus

          While the studies may be valid in natural occurring scenarios, they do not account for the presence of immunosuppressant medication removing many of the "soldiers" in the bloodstream, the basis of any immunity.

          • That all makes perfect sense. Thank you. But get your shots!  

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