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  • Hi i just had transplant 7/5/2018. Im confused, scard not sure on my insurance whats going on. Received a bill for medicare part b , but medicare kept telling me i wasnt elgible. They have done nothing for me but now want almost 600 and i still don't have a card. I have been paying 600 a month for cobra and not sure who should have been picking up tbe bill. Confused and depressed.

  • I have 1-1/2 of kidney transplant . My problem is that my ankles from both legs are swallow for two days . I am taking 3 mg of tracolimus twice a day and 250 methaphenolate twicw a day ,5 mg prepdisone, blood pressure med, vitamin d .


    also anybody is taking forteo for osteoporosis 



  • Hi! I had my kidney transplant on 19 May 2018.

    Everything is ok , except the glucose levels  which are above 200 2 hrs post meals. Regulating by taking insulin before each meal.

    • If you are taking Tacrolimus and prednisone, this is a common side effect.


  • Hello- My husband received his TX on 9/28/2018. He is home now & I am having trouble getting him to eat. Foods he loved before the TX (i.e. - roast turkey breast) he says 'tastes funny'. He asks for plain cooked oatmeal - which he has never eaten in 20 years. A TX coordinator said that this could be likes/dislikes of the donor - she has seen it before. Has anyone else ever heard of this? Thank you.

    • Simply put, NO. Some of the medications we take can produce a "metallic" taste, but I haven't heard of a transplanted organ taking over recipients likes or dislikes. I do remember this effect being temporary, while my body adjusted to them or when meds or doses changed. What meds is he on?


  • Good Day,

    I am coming up on my 1st year after TX. Kidney boy did help me greatly I'm explaining my eye condition. It seems I am one of those people that experiences  every side effect of the anti rejection. Meds.

    This week I bent over and pulled my back so badly that I ended up in the Er in Extream pain. It has been  Over 20 years since I have had back pain. I have noticed before this thT when I lay on my side to sleep I awake with pain in my hip from sleeping on my side. Off & on muscle pain in my lungs & up our back. 

    I ask myself if I am not grateful enough to be alive and receive the chance to live? My personality has changed and I do not want to be around people. I mark all of this up to depression. And know I am Blessed. I just do not feel it lately. 

    God bless every transplant patient.


  • Hi, Is anybody taking Prolia, or Forteo for Osteoporosis. My rheumatologist is suggesting me to take either one of these meds.  Please can you suggest me if it is OK to take them. Thank you.

    • There is a risk of low calcium (hypokalemia,) in patients with kidney issues, but your Dr. must have felt it is safe for you. I placed a link below about the side effects of Prolia.

      side effects

  • Hi, I am Vij.  Just joined this group. Had 2nd transplant almost 2 years ago,  Nice to be here learning and sharing with you all.

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