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  • I am planning to have kidney transplant sometimes in October, should I consider have a third shot booster Covid vaccacination? I took the second shot last March.


    • The immune compromised have trouble getting the antibody response/support from the vaccine.  I would think doing it now while your immune system is still fairly normal makes sense.  BUT that's definitely a question for your transplant team.

  • For those of you whom had kidney transplant, what was the percentage of  compatiblity in the HLA between the donar and recepitent?

    Thank you,


  • Dear Elmer

    How did you get your first kidney transplant? Was it from someone close within the family or from an unrelated donor? How was the matching? Thank you.


    • No it was a cadavers kidney and a great match

    • First transplant was from my mom in 2000.  Second was a perfect match deceased donor in 2020.  :)

      • Dear Kim

        When you say was a perfect match does that means all the six HLA were common to both donor and recipent?


        • YES!!!!  I never thought it could happen outside of twins!  I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when they called and told me!  Later they told me that it does happen outside of twins (obviously) with relatives, but to get a perfect match with an unrelated deceased donor is pretty rare, but certainly not unheard of. 

          My antibodies were extremely elevated since I received a transplant before, so they've had to work on that piece of it, but the perfect HLA match was like the angels were singing!!!  BTW--my donor was from the "higher risk" donor pool.  I would recommend that path to anyone!

    • I got a living donor from my husband. 

  • Has anyone lost muscle mass after transplant. What should be done to gain some muscles and not strain kidneys or any other organ

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