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  • Hi everyone, my name is Marty Okkerse and I have received two tx’s. The kidney transplant was in September 2004 and the pancreas was in April, 2005. Both are working very well. After almost my kidney is working very well and my pancreas is also doing very well. The kidney I received from my dear friend, Mark and the pancreas was from a lady who died.

    For exercise I’m riding a recombant bicycle which ic uncomfortable. I’m  going to put my mountain bike on s self supporting stand where the pedals are underneath me. When it is warmer outside, I’ll try to ride outside and see how that works. If episode goes well I’ll try my road bike. Prior to the tx’s I have ridden five thousand miles per year.

    Since the  two tx’s. I have a bka, right leg. To keep my prosthetic leg I use a clip pedal which will keep my leg on it. So, with all that said I certainly hope my plan will work. 

    If any of you have suggestions or advice, please let me know . Thanks, Marty 

  • Hello friends, I have just passed my 1st year post heart transplent. Presently I am feeling fine and have come a long way, as I look back at my progress since tx. It have been a rough ride with many hospitalizations some for infections and other issues that had to be addressed. But its good to be finally feeling myself again. I have my biopsy and angiogram scheduled for 28th of Feburary, 2019. My advise for those that is on the waiting list or those that are newly transplanted, is please be patient with yourself, take one moment at a time. Try to exercise each day no matter how small. And most of all try to keep a positive attitude.


    • Happy Anniversary!

      • Proud of you man! I am working on my second year as of February 21st , 2017. It is a good feeling. Live large and positive.  Rob Allen

  • I have never posted here before and look forward to your comments and thoughts. I have been on dialysis since 2014. I am on peritoneal dialysis daily for eight hours and have done very well, so well that I constantly second-guess my decision to receive a transplant. Since I have been listed for nearly five years, there is certainly a possibility I will receive a transplant soon.

    So, to cut to the chase, I am terrified — terrified of the surgical procedure, of a difficult and lengthy recovery time, of immunosuppressant therapy, and generally afraid to “upset the apple cart.” I am 69 years old and in addition to my age, I have other risk factors including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and triglycerides. Maintaining a healthy weight has always been a losing battle for me, and I have other health concerns: asthma, sleep apnea and fibromyalgia.

    This sounds much worse than it really is. The truth is that I feel quite well most of the time and am very active and engaged. I don’t really know why I shared so much information, except that I hope some of you will encourage me to move forward and expect better health. Thanks for listening. Kathy F.

    • Hi, go for it!!!

      I had my kidney 34 years ago and it is still working perfectly. I have done so much in life since the transplant.

      I was on dialysis for 5 years before my gift came along. It was from an 11 year old boy killed in a hit and run in london.

      I got married in Jamaica to my 2nd wife in 2005. Been to the Carribbean 5 times in all. Lived in Malta for 11 years.

      Back in UK now as my hip needs replacing......just something else to endure!! But, life is magic. If you are offered a kidney, take it and start living! You wll have ups and downs but, who doesn't!! Hope this encourages you.

      • Congratulations...May you continue to enjoy life for many, many more years!

    • I am a Heart and Kidney transplant recipient. Live life as you want. Think as if it is what you want. Dont dwell on the pass but put your mind were you want to life!


      • Good man! I live exactly as I want. No wrapping up in cotton wool for me! In fact, it is now beer o clock!!!! 3 lagers a day for the last 30 years..........still going like a train. Have fun.

    • I have been through the process....twice, many, many years apart! Initially, you will be very busy with appointments at the clinic and blood work, but being free to live life cannot be underestimated. The pre-op fear is definitely greater than the reality, Hopefully, you can receive a pancreas as well, not being a diabetic any more would definitely be a plus. It's no "cakewalk," but I preferred the cons over the restrictions of dialysis. Transplant life has it's own issues, though the operation is a distant though not fond memory for most. Issues like weight gain, medication side effects and ensuring healthy environments would top the list. I wish you good luck with either option you accept. Now that you joined, some of the unknown may not be such a bother. Stay Well!

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