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  • Has anyone lost muscle mass after transplant. What should be done to gain some muscles and not strain kidneys or any other organ

    • Hi!  As long as your labs have been normal, you should be able to exercise regularly with zero issues.  Just remember to properly hydrate.  I walk for about a half hour every day, and stretch for 10-20 minutes daily and my muscles are in good shape.  Just keep in mind that a high protien or a keto diet can be hard on your kidney, so balance is the name of the game.

  • Hi everyone my name is Wayne haven't been on this site in a few years I had a kidney transplant that lasted 35 years with no rejection or anything but in November of 2018 I had surgery that required the use of a heart/lung machine furring surgery and it damaged the kidney so in March of 2019 I had to start dialysis and return to transplant list. By the grace of God I got a new kidney in June 2020 and it has worked great since. I feel blessed to have gotten one so soon as they said it would be a 5-7 year wait. I am pretty experience d in living with transplant so any questions I will gladly answer. Have a blessed day.

    • How much was your daily water and fluid intake?

      • I just drank when thirsty.. no forced input your body let's you know when you need fluid that's why you feel thirsty.

    • hi, that was a good news for 35yrs of kidney transplant and no diet at all?? im going to 5 yrs as well next year kn March but im scared to eat anything.

      • Myra,  
        don't be scared just be cautious. I make sure I eat in clean and hygienic places and also it is very important to reduce salt and eat less meat to reduce stress on kidneys but at the same time indulge in delicious food and excercise and be stress free.

      • Why? You were in given a transplant so you can be healthy again it will do the same job as non transplant people's kidney s  do.many people waste prescious time worrying they will harm thier kidney and forget that they can live totally normal lives.

    • Thats great news.  I have very common question - What kind of diet you followed ? 

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