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  • Looking 

  • I am 22 year old,   on November 2016 i got my  kidney transplantation done, Donar is my Sister 1st year after transplantation my urine protein level and creatine levels are fine, But now my urine protein ratio level and creatine level (is 1.9) increasing, but my tacrolimus level is maintaining good Actually i workout (moderately) every day in gym, Is their any affect of workout on my urine protein ratio. Please give me a suggestion, how can i control urine protein ratio, Is their any care that i want to take ?

    • Sometime you can get dehydrated and not know it. Drink after workouts is my suggestion

    • Is  immunosuppressive tablet increase urine protein ratio (Proteinuria) ?

      • I haven't knowledge about urineprotein ratio but immunosuppressive medicines do not increase protein in Urine.

  • It's been 1 year and 3 months since my transplant. I am starting to have lots of digestive issues, my appetite has decreased, when I eat I feel knots in my stomach like when your waiting for your test scores. Has anyone had problems like this.

  • I'm just a new transplanted since 3 months , 

    I was on cyclosporine in these last three months but I suffered from excess hair growth as a side effect  , yesterday the Dr change me from cyclosporine to tacrolimus - When do the side effects will disappear , Does it take long time  ? 

  • Tacrolimus and steroids makes me nauseated yukk...

    I know how important anti reject meds are..lately has been spiking my blood sugars high as 300-400..theyve also had to tweek my sliding

  • Also - happy to answer any doner questions. 

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