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  • Hi everyone I am new to this site and got my kidney transplant 8 years ago, I had a brother who also had a kidney transplant so I had someone who I could talk to about my transplant I am happy to have found this site and knowing I am not alone.

    • No one is alone in this world..........

  • I received kidney transplant 7 weeks ago, wondering if it is normal to feel fatigued and my taste buds sometimes has no taste some food is bland. 

    • It's the toxins that dialysis use to clean out but you will get use to it. That's what they told me. Its been a year for me now and I don't have the bad taste anymore.
  • I'm post 5 years kidney transplant. I want to know that can I take whey protein ?
  • My dear friends iam Joe from India iam 24. Three years back got my kidney transplant .Is that hard to get married ..
    • There is no problem to get married I undergone my first Tx when iam 20 in 1991 and got married in 2000 and had 2 kids I got problem in 2016 and undergone second Tx in FEB 2017
  • Anyone drink Apple cider vinegar after kidney transplant ??
  • Does anyone take cbd oil?
  • Can anyone provide a comparison between the belatecept and dialysis experience? Specially, access point and affects of the treatment.
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