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  • Just joined. I'm a potential living kidney donor. All tests are completed except eeg, chest x-ray, renal angiography and ethics interview. I would like to know if anyone knows how tolerable the renal angiography is???? Thx, pam 

    Am I on a wrong site??? 

    • Hi Pam

      That test is a little uncomfortable but not painful. I sang a song in my head as it was happening. And once it’s done you feel immediately normal again. Good luck!! X

    • Pam - you are awesome (and your donee is extremely lucky) to be willing to do this for another person!  We all wish there were more like you.  There are some really terrific YouTube videos out there about being a donor that you may find enlightening and interesting.

    • Try looking here:Johns - Hopkins



      What is a Renal Angiogram?
      A renal angiogram is an imaging test that examines the blood vessels in the kidney. It can show aneurysms, stenosis, or blockages in a blood vessel.
  • Thank you for accepting me in this group. I got kidney transplant in April 2017. Everything is going fine but always there are some small health problems recently faced skin allergy . Dr suggested me allegra and it was solved . Now I am having low tlc ( 3) and he has stopped mycept (720 BD) .I hope nothing to worry. Please suggest me any more precautions.

  • It's always hard to face any transplant, but let it go as its going. On dialysis again. 

    • I lost my first transplant after 13 years and returned to dialysis.  After 9 months, I was offered a Tx from an "@risk donor" and have been problem free ever since. My second Tx turned out to be better than my first,  Never give up hope

  • Hi everyone I am a living donor to my husband he had the transplant six years ago for the most part the kidney was working but now for about a year the creatine been going up and now is 2.33 but the doctors don’t seem to think there’s a big problem I don’t know what to do if to change him from Dr I am really scared if anyone out there can give some advice I greatly appreciated god bless you all.
    • Hello Suyin,

      Unfortunately, you can do little to effect change for your spouse beyond being sure he stays hydrated, takes his medications on time and avoids salt. Your being there for emotional support will do much!

      There are many factors that affect the Creatinine levels like hydration, medications, illness, infection and even stress.  As you may know, transplant teams use several consecutive readings looking for steadily rising CR numbers.  It is NOT an instant snapshot of kidney function.  A good rule to follow is if the transplant doctors are not worried, neither should you. Have faith in their ability to remedy whatever issue is causing the problem.  Please try to stay calm while the team finds the answers.

  • Hi I joined in 2015 have been on here for awhile. Hoping every one had great holidays. And the new year is good to all of us
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