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  • Hi everyone I am a living donor to my husband he had the transplant six years ago for the most part the kidney was working but now for about a year the creatine been going up and now is 2.33 but the doctors don’t seem to think there’s a big problem I don’t know what to do if to change him from Dr I am really scared if anyone out there can give some advice I greatly appreciated god bless you all.
    • Hello Suyin,

      Unfortunately, you can do little to effect change for your spouse beyond being sure he stays hydrated, takes his medications on time and avoids salt. Your being there for emotional support will do much!

      There are many factors that affect the Creatinine levels like hydration, medications, illness, infection and even stress.  As you may know, transplant teams use several consecutive readings looking for steadily rising CR numbers.  It is NOT an instant snapshot of kidney function.  A good rule to follow is if the transplant doctors are not worried, neither should you. Have faith in their ability to remedy whatever issue is causing the problem.  Please try to stay calm while the team finds the answers.

  • Hi I joined in 2015 have been on here for awhile. Hoping every one had great holidays. And the new year is good to all of us
  • Anyone in the group from Colorado?
  • Thank you for accepting me into the group. My husband had a kidney transplant about 2 weeks ago. Although his transplant surgery went well and his kidney started to function it appears to be slow in fully waking up.

    We are home doing our home Hemo dialysis to remove the fluid overload and provide clearance until his kidney kicks back in. Apparently the companion kidney was slow in waking up but hubby had a bit more medical trauma — low blood pressures, fluid overload — the fluid in the lungs and treatment for pneumonia—for starters. Now home.

    Please wake up kidney!!!
    • Because of the initial loss of blood supply, when the kidney was harvested, it is common for Tx kidneys to be a tad "sleepy,"   as both of my Txs were.  Fear not, this may not affect the function or quality of this Tx, when it does "wake up" fully. 

      There is no timetable for recovery. In my case the first Tx took three months, the second Tx, only 3 days, so look forward to recovery and try to stay calm as the Tx ream resolves the issues, if any.

      UW health PDF
  • I have a question regarding ldh lactate levels , for some reason the number has been increasing and my labs yesterday show it at 400. I got worried as I have no idea what that measures just know from results number is high. My coordinator told me the nephrologist really does not look
    At that number and that is my body reacting to something ?? She also told me some patients show high numbers after transplant ... I’m
    Still very confused as when I read About this test it seems like is a test that measures cell damage and it even talks about cancer markers.. she did not seem concerned but I am .. not sure why they request if they don’t look at it.

    I also have been feeling in the last few weeks pressure on my head and sinus area when I get up after sitting or when I go outside along with ese fullness on right ear, I don’t feel dizzy or anything else ! Not sure if is a side effect of any of the meds !
    Kidney is working fine and creatinine has been stable at 1.1 for a few weeks now. I’m 5 months post.
    Any input is appreciated
  • I got my transplant about  14 years ago. Now my weight more than 13 kg above normal range of my height and age. I want to lose weight. Can any body guide about diet and type of workout.

    • I went vegetarian and started jogging. First 10 steps but am now up to five miles. 10 year kidney recipient
  • Need help. So i had my transplant about 4 years ago and so far everything is fine. However just yesterday i started feeling numbness and paint on my left hand. My AV fistula is placed in that arm about elbow height. Anyways i wanted to know does this mean my fistula has failed? There i no reason i should get an infection as i have never used it before i got it put on and got the call for a transplant before it was able to mature. Anyone had these issues with their fistula? I can no longer hear nor feel the buzzing/thrill and i kind of feel like a bit of a swollen vein that i am able to move up and down. Please Help a bit scared..

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