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    • There will be an initial recovery/learning period that she will undertake and she will need your help from time to time. Every Tx is as unique, as is the recipient! My second Tx had me popping out of bed the next day without pain meds, while my first had me hospitalized for a lengthy stay. Average full recovery is one to three months, though your support will not be a full-time job. 

      Children are resilient and overcome obstacles, so I wouldn't plan on her future restrictions. Rather, I would hold on for dear life, as she will amaze you both. There will be this venue to help her when she needs others support as well. I pray she receives her Tx and lives a happy, normal life.

  • I am one month post transplant. I feel heaviness on right side where new kidney is placed. I also feel that something new is placed there,a feeling of new part. Is it something common.would it take sometime to settle it down and be a part of my body or do i need to see my Tx team. I feel comfortable when i press it or hold it.

    My other issue is that i feel v hungry now. My food intake has increased 3 times. My nephrologist says it is because of deltacartil(steroid). My craving for sweet has increased. I wana control it because it has increased my weight. When i take fruit or vegetables i feel more hungry.


    • Hello Naheed,

      It is quite common to feel your new kidney for a while after a Tx. Connective tissue and structural fat must grow back to support and protect your new visitor.  I believe I stopped "feeling": my Tx at about three months. 

      Unfortunately, weight gain is also a common occurrence in life with a Tx. Tacrolimus and Steroids affect blood sugar and appetite levels. Staying on a low protein, sodium free diet will help. I wish you great success with your Tx and pray you enjoy many, many years in good health.

      Renal diet from NKF

      • Thanks for reply.

    • What a beautiful sight!

  • Looking 

  • I am 22 year old,   on November 2016 i got my  kidney transplantation done, Donar is my Sister 1st year after transplantation my urine protein level and creatine levels are fine, But now my urine protein ratio level and creatine level (is 1.9) increasing, but my tacrolimus level is maintaining good Actually i workout (moderately) every day in gym, Is their any affect of workout on my urine protein ratio. Please give me a suggestion, how can i control urine protein ratio, Is their any care that i want to take ?

    • The by-product of strenuous muscle activity is lactic acid and creatinine, which a healthy kidney removes from the bloodstream. A transplanted organ does so, somewhat less effectively. It is doubtful this is the cause of the rising proteinuria, more likely it is dehydration, especially in warm summer months, as Rita G stated.

      This may be related to your Tx, your team will advise you better.  Determining the type and cause and treatment is the Tx team's job, Some steps to resolve this yourself can include

      • Control Sodium intake
      • Controlling blood pressure
      • Managing Blood Sugars(If so diagnosed.)
      • Staying hydrated
      • Diet restrictions (low-protein renal diet avoiding high-fat dairy, like yogurt and cheeses.)

      Exercise-induced proteinuria is temporary and a result of exertion rather than duration with regard to kidney function. Keeping blood pressure in check will lessen the strain on your kidney, as well. Take a look at the link below.

      Exercise and proteinuria

      Exercise-induced proteinuria?
      Urinalysis reveals an excessive level of protein, but your patient is a runner. How concerned should you be?
    • Sometime you can get dehydrated and not know it. Drink after workouts is my suggestion

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