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    • oh, dear Lyche
      I felt same as you when I got my trnspltkidney . The guy who donated me his kidney was poor because of our bad economic. and he had to sell it .but I think this is the fait. so lets think positively . donners gave us lifes cause they have been chosen as best creatures by almighty god.
      wish you be good.

      • Thank you Sadoo. I hope all is well with you. Many many blessings and good health for you and your kidney :)

    • You didn't cause your donor's passing and you are complying with their last wishes. In addition, accepting this gift may provide some measure of solace to the grieving family, knowing their loved one's passing benefitted another. I have done this twice, knowing all this, I still have some of this feeling from time to time.

      • Thank you for your kind words. This is my second transplant as well. My first transplant was in 2010 from a living donor (my cousin). Unfortunately that only lasted about a year. I started seeing rejection signs early on. The doctor told me it was because of my lupus and my anti-bodies. I felt HORRIBLE because I felt like my cousin donated for nothing. But he reassured me he didn't. Because it allowed me to be off of dialysis for at least a year. I hope and pray this one lasts a very long time. And so far so good. Hope your well. 

  • Had my kidney transplant on. 11th apirl 2018 after the transplant my creatinine level was 1.1 and after 1 month my creatinine increased 1.3 to 1.6 now my creatinine is 1. 7 and my tac level is 5.9 I m taking pangraph 3.5 .. 3.0 no infection no flu but creatinine is up day by day please advice me how to lower my creatinine level 

    • Hi Fazzudin you will be fine InshaAllah

    • U take more water 

    • Kft lft cbc more water and then contact nephrology 


    • I had similar problem. Biopsy did not suggest acute rejection, but MRI revealed Transplant Renal Artery Stenosis, i.e. blockage of renal artery. Two stents were inserted and that resolved the problem. 


    •  With the steady increase, your Tx team may be more closely monitoring your blood work, asking the same question.  You should be talking to the team to ask their opinion of your test results. Know that many indicators are used to judge kidney transplant function, not just creatinine levels.

      During the Summer months, it is extremely important to increase your fluid intake to compensate for warm weather and increased activity. In addition, try to have blood drawn 12 hours from your last dose of Pangraf, for accurate results. There may be an adjustment to your medication needed. If an issue with your Tx is beginning, your team will find the answer.

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