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  • Hi, Is anybody taking Prolia, or Forteo for Osteoporosis. My rheumatologist is suggesting me to take either one of these meds.  Please can you suggest me if it is OK to take them. Thank you.

    • There is a risk of low calcium (hypokalemia,) in patients with kidney issues, but your Dr. must have felt it is safe for you. I placed a link below about the side effects of Prolia.

      side effects

  • Hi, I am Vij.  Just joined this group. Had 2nd transplant almost 2 years ago,  Nice to be here learning and sharing with you all.

  • hi everyone 

    Today is the first anniversary of my  kidney transplantation. Everything is fine but my weight increases month by month. I started bodybuilding exercises but I have a doubt about the amount of protein  intake daily . please help 

    • First, congratulations on the anniversary of receiving your Tx, may you enjoy many, many years in good health! The weight gain is a very common complaint of transplant recipients and it seems this is also a "party favor," from both Prednisone and Tacrolimus, which mess with blood sugars and fat storage. 

      Some have found success in limiting carbohydrates and mild aerobic exercise (walking is great.)  It is worth seeking advice from the Tx team about safe weight loss and diet tips. They have volumes of information to share with you. Again Happy Anniversary!

  • I am thinking of having a transplant but haven't decided when to have the surgery. My creatinine reached 9.3 that was two months ago and I started a strict diet. Yesteday I took a blood test and found that the creatinine went down to 7.16. the urea was 21 and yesterday it was 11.4. The urea dropped from a high of 21 to 17 and after 10 days it further dropped to a level of 11.4. I am planning to take another test 10 days from now. If the urea improved and dropped to 8 should I delay having the surgery? The creatinine in 2016 was 3.2 and after two years increased in 8/8/2018 to 6.8. A week later it went up to 6.9 and in Sept 9 reach a 9.3. Then the creatinine began to drop week after week till it reached 7.16 today. Both the urea and creatinine seem to be improving although the urea at a much better pace. I am on strict diet avoiding meat and eggs. I take Arab gum two glasses daily one at the early morning and the second glass at night before going to sleep. I will keep monitoring the level of urea and creatinine for the next ten days. My question should I delay my surgery? I have not yet started dialysis since there is no sign yet that indicates that I need dialysis at this particular moment. I would like to recieve your comments if anyone experienced the same by applying diet and using Arab gum.

    • Your creatinine levels seem still a bit high..  I went 10 years in 4th stage kidney failure without dialysis. I used low protein diet, book by Dr. Makenzie Walster called How to prevent dialysis .Coping with kidney disease. 

      Great book. I used CBD Hemp oil. 3 a day. It was able to prolong my kidney function and quality of life. I went one year in 5th stage before I went back on active transplant list. When i went in for surgery i was 4 Creatinine, GFR was 12.

      I used Chinese herbs  during my 5th stage along with my CBD. Please explain what Arab Gum is please.

    • In the US the standard comes from Medicare, who will authorize a kidney transplant when creatinine levels exceed 8.0. The real question is how you feel, and only you can answer that.

      When I needed to start dialysis, my creatinine had exceeded 10. More importantly, I felt crushing fatigue, nausea, muscle cramping and worse. I could not function and slept constantly. Starting hemodialysis made me feel so much better. I was encouraged to have a transplant, and signed up to the Tx list, yet still had to wait three years to receive one. Each step made me feel much better and stronger.

      So, how do you feel? I am not sure how the rules are where you live, but I would agree to try for a Tx, as there may be a wait involved and if your kidneys are failing, you will likely continue to decline, how rapidly is an unknown. If there is a transplant list for you, I would get on it soon. You can always delay or change your mind, but you cannot just "get" one when you need it. 

      I wish you good luck, with your decision.

  • Hi everyone.. i want to help the other..

    If i can help.. 

    • It would be best if you contact a Tx center/hospital, near where you live, to volunteer to be a donor.


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