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    • Hello Sangeeta

      I am 62 and 10 months post transplant. cr level is 1.2 and follow up evey month with good results.I  had AKPD and high BP and my heart rate was around 80 due to the BP medicines. After transplant my BP became very normal and stopped all BP medicines. My heart rate during sleep is around 80 and on normal activities at home around 100- 109. During exercise it goes up to 130  then I reduce walking speed till it reaches around 112. 10 mins after exercise my heart rate comes back to 99. My Doc said its normal.

      Now my medicines are reduced and seeing same high heart rate.

       Looks like nothing to concren.





  • Hello Everyone 

    new member here. I had my transplant in April 2016. Everything is doing ok. Had a few battles along the way. But nothing recently. Wanted to share some thoughts. I have known my kidney doctor for over 20 years. But recently I have been thinking about finally getting a primary care doctor also. Thoughts??


    • My Tx nephrologist (who I have also known for 20 years,) suggested a PCP, who is also his friend. They both have cared for me and dove-tailed smoothly. Perhaps you can ask for a recommendation for a PCP for you. Any primary care physician should be significantly acquainted with the needs of a Tx recipient. I am continually amazed about how little some GPs know about Tx medicine, likely it is outside their normal sphere of practice. 

      • Hello Kidneyboy, this is my first time conversing with you! Hope to do so more in future! Do you mind telling me which country you are based in because I am not familiar with measure that are being used. In the UK when my creatinine is 108 or 112 post tx my nephrologist says it is excellent but most people appear to quote In very low numbers e.g. 1.8 or 11.7 etc why the difference?

        • "A rose by any other name..."

        • The measure being used in this thread is creatinine as measured in blood.  The numbers your nephrologist is referring to is creatinine in your urine.

  • I had 4 biopsy’s in the first year the actual procedure only takes about 15 minutes but after you will be told to lay flat in bed for two hours and stay near the hospital over night. My problem ended up being prograf toxicity after lowering the dose the kidney function came back I am now nearing 11 years since the kidney transplant I hope yours does well.

  • Hi! Anybody here who had undergone kidney biopsy after kidney transplant? Im 1 yr. post kt, had my labs 2days ago my crea went up from 0.8 -1.00 and egfr went down from 90% to 77%.. had rbc on urine that goes up & down from 1st day of transplant up to now. .. im scared that i might be having mild rejection, my tx team recommends kidney biopsy anytime soon..

  • Hi i just had transplant 7/5/2018. Im confused, scard not sure on my insurance whats going on. Received a bill for medicare part b , but medicare kept telling me i wasnt elgible. They have done nothing for me but now want almost 600 and i still don't have a card. I have been paying 600 a month for cobra and not sure who should have been picking up tbe bill. Confused and depressed.

    • I am hesitant to advise you on insurance matters because every state has different regulations, especially when it comes to Medicare A, B, and D. I would ask to review your history with your Tx social worker, who should be well versed in the latest local rules. In addition, you can request a review with your local Medicare office. Considering Medicare will cover your immunosuppressant med for 3- 5 years minimum(avg $ 850++ a month,) it is a worthwhile effort. Ask questions about everything, knowing is better than guessing, and is a lot less stressful. Good luck!


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