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  • Hi! Anybody here who had undergone kidney biopsy after kidney transplant? Im 1 yr. post kt, had my labs 2days ago my crea went up from 0.8 -1.00 and egfr went down from 90% to 77%.. had rbc on urine that goes up & down from 1st day of transplant up to now. .. im scared that i might be having mild rejection, my tx team recommends kidney biopsy anytime soon..

  • Hi i just had transplant 7/5/2018. Im confused, scard not sure on my insurance whats going on. Received a bill for medicare part b , but medicare kept telling me i wasnt elgible. They have done nothing for me but now want almost 600 and i still don't have a card. I have been paying 600 a month for cobra and not sure who should have been picking up tbe bill. Confused and depressed.

    • I am hesitant to advise you on insurance matters because every state has different regulations, especially when it comes to Medicare A, B, and D. I would ask to review your history with your Tx social worker, who should be well versed in the latest local rules. In addition, you can request a review with your local Medicare office. Considering Medicare will cover your immunosuppressant med for 3- 5 years minimum(avg $ 850++ a month,) it is a worthwhile effort. Ask questions about everything, knowing is better than guessing, and is a lot less stressful. Good luck!


  • I have 1-1/2 of kidney transplant . My problem is that my ankles from both legs are swallow for two days . I am taking 3 mg of tracolimus twice a day and 250 methaphenolate twicw a day ,5 mg prepdisone, blood pressure med, vitamin d .


    also anybody is taking forteo for osteoporosis 



  • Hi! I had my kidney transplant on 19 May 2018.

    Everything is ok , except the glucose levels  which are above 200 2 hrs post meals. Regulating by taking insulin before each meal.

    • If you are taking Tacrolimus and prednisone, this is a common side effect.


  • Hello- My husband received his TX on 9/28/2018. He is home now & I am having trouble getting him to eat. Foods he loved before the TX (i.e. - roast turkey breast) he says 'tastes funny'. He asks for plain cooked oatmeal - which he has never eaten in 20 years. A TX coordinator said that this could be likes/dislikes of the donor - she has seen it before. Has anyone else ever heard of this? Thank you.

    • Simply put, NO. Some of the medications we take can produce a "metallic" taste, but I haven't heard of a transplanted organ taking over recipients likes or dislikes. I do remember this effect being temporary, while my body adjusted to them or when meds or doses changed. What meds is he on?


  • Good Day,

    I am coming up on my 1st year after TX. Kidney boy did help me greatly I'm explaining my eye condition. It seems I am one of those people that experiences  every side effect of the anti rejection. Meds.

    This week I bent over and pulled my back so badly that I ended up in the Er in Extream pain. It has been  Over 20 years since I have had back pain. I have noticed before this thT when I lay on my side to sleep I awake with pain in my hip from sleeping on my side. Off & on muscle pain in my lungs & up our back. 

    I ask myself if I am not grateful enough to be alive and receive the chance to live? My personality has changed and I do not want to be around people. I mark all of this up to depression. And know I am Blessed. I just do not feel it lately. 

    God bless every transplant patient.


    • Hi Michelle I have a lot of pain in my legs it really feels like my bones hurt a lot.  I had a transplant in May 2018. How is the CBD working for you ?

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