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    • Hi. My name is Verna. I live in Dundee, Scotland. I had my kidney transplant in February 2018. I took a while to recover as I got Norovirus post-op in hospital which set me back a bit and I ended up having to have a blood transfusion. I had been on dialysis for 4 and a half years and I was delighted to get my transplant. Even though I was very unwell after it I am very happy to have it. I have no regrets whatsoever. I feel good now and enjoying getting my life back. I was 65 when I got my transplant and thought I would be too old but it's given me a new lease of life. My advice is if you get a chance of a transplant then definitely go for it.

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      • Congratulations...May you continue to enjoy life for many, many more years!

    • I am a Heart and Kidney transplant recipient. Live life as you want. Think as if it is what you want. Dont dwell on the pass but put your mind were you want to life!


    • I have been through the process....twice, many, many years apart! Initially, you will be very busy with appointments at the clinic and blood work, but being free to live life cannot be underestimated. The pre-op fear is definitely greater than the reality, Hopefully, you can receive a pancreas as well, not being a diabetic any more would definitely be a plus. It's no "cakewalk," but I preferred the cons over the restrictions of dialysis. Transplant life has it's own issues, though the operation is a distant though not fond memory for most. Issues like weight gain, medication side effects and ensuring healthy environments would top the list. I wish you good luck with either option you accept. Now that you joined, some of the unknown may not be such a bother. Stay Well!


    Pass this to Everyone..

    Adenovirus & Chuck E Cheese, With History of Poor Sanitization & Cleaning. Oct 7th of 2018 the Nightmare Began.Pembroke Pines Chuck E Chesse.


  • Hello I had my transplant 10 months ago and I am in bed rest since then ... I want to know can we do jobs ... it is important to wear masks now ... wearing mask in jobs may not be allowed so I am getting a bit hesitant .... literally having phobia of getting unwell again ... recently creatinine went up from 1 to 1.4 in 15 days and was diagnosed with kiebsielia pneumonia 

    • As for myself a 4 year kidney miracle, per my surgeon a young doctor cool and laid back,with great vision Dr.Michael J.Goldstein.Jackson Memorial Hospital 11/25/2014,.."You don't need to wear mask,however you MUST wash your hands as many times as possible" and yes avoid sick individuals.".It worked for me til I went to Chuck E Cheese and Kids.Ok Good Luck.P.S. Creatinine will fluctuate,.DRINK 2-3 LITERS WATER HYDRATION IS KEY TO LOW CREATININE.

    • It is important to remember that your immune system is suppressed, not eliminated. Through good routines (timely medication dosing and blood work, frequent handwashing, avoiding sources of illness/infection and other tips you will learn here and from your Tx team,) you should be able to live a mostly normal life. You should report to your Tx team whenever you feel different (fever, soreness in the throat, sudden weight gain/loss, changes in urine output, color or odor.) Often blood work will reveal issues before you feel anything. 

      The increasing time you live without a health issue will make that uneasy feeling fade. The need to wear a mask will lessen as your dosages of immune suppression meds are reduced. We cannot live in a sterile bubble, the goal is to live a life.

      • Hi, My name is Maureen. I had my kidney transplant back in July 9, 1999. Out of 8 siblings, my older sister was my only 100% perfect match (10 out of 10) I couldn't have been more blessed! It's been now 20 years and never had any set backs or rejection episodes, again very blessed. But, I faithfully take my meds. I just want to respond to the remark about, (kidneyboy) saying that eventually the need for using a mask will lessen. NOT TRUE!!!  Our immune systems will for ever be compromised. We can live our healthy lives, but nothing will minimize the use of using a mask, a well as using anti bacterial hand sanitizers, trying to stay away from people whom we know are or have been sick! The one main place I alway's wear a mask is at my PCP DR. And especially when I go into Boston for my renal appointments. Please keep in mind, germs are everywhere! Hospitals are the #1 germ carriers....GOD BLESS you all with living your best new life's, for many years to come! 

      • I am on prograf 2 mg two times with tac level around 10 ..... I don’t know I have yet not been able to get out of the fear .... I am inside a room most of the time ... Developed social anxiety as well 

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