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            • If you have other health issues like diabetes...high blood pressure....of course you should follow a diet depends on what your blood work shows.

              • Thanks. I am just avoiding salt.  

                • My heart doctor allowed 1500 he a day so I have to notified my diet 

                  one bagel is 560 she if sodium .do I have to eat 1/2 of them . (230 he of sodium )

  • Hi everyone, my name is Roy I had my kidney transplant in February 2017, I had some complications from the get go as creatinine wouldn't go below 2.2 originally. I did a biopsy and that wasn't conclusive enough. Then the tax doctor switched me from tacrolimus and myfortic to everolimus  and tower doses of tacro. That did the deal as creatinine dropped to 1.7-1.8 and stayed around that mark for 3 years. 
    I resumed work and gym and lived a full schedule. I kept testing every few months and things were normal till last year creatinine creeped up to 2.1 in September 2019 but after lowering tacro from 3.5 to 3mg it went down to 1.9 in October. Everything went back to normal according to them. 
    this year the pandemic hit us all and I began working from home. My mom also passed away , so I couldn't get tested in April when the whole world was COVID-19 crazy. My doctor was also always traveling so my appointment was finally done in August and tests in September. My BP had gone up and I had began experiencing dizziness and rapid heattbeats. 
    the tests results on sep 13 came back bad with creatinine at 2.8. I got admitted on sep 15 and given IVfluids and creatinine crept up to 3.35. They did another biopsy yesterday and creatinine was down to 3 on sep 16. 
    I am so worried of rejection and losing my kidneys but doctors said it could be reversible. 
    Anyone ever experienced this and was it reversible. 
    they started me on a 500mg cortisone course yesterday as they can't wait for the biopsy results to be up. Any answers pls? 

    I am 5 feet 11, don't drink or smoke but I'm not the best dieter out there. Becos me and my wife work full time we do depend on delivery food. My weight originally went down from 250 to 205 after the surgery. I gained a little But I kept it in the 210-220 range mostly after that . 
    I know 200-205 is healthier than 220. 

  • Thank you for your help. Kidney boy will you send me the Facebook link to find donors matched and non matched.. I'd appreciate that

     I'm surviving, feeling ok no hospital visits these days 😷. God loves his children.

    • Our (private) Facebook page is 

      Transplant Buddies Awareness

       There are other pages on Facebook to find matches and post appeals

      Transplant Buddies Awareness
      Transplant Buddies Awareness. 15K likes. Our websites: - Sharing News, Research, Stories and Support wit…
  • Does anybody take Cannibidiol (CBD) for their Endocannabinol System (ECS)?  We have these receptors and they are looking for CBD for a balance system.

  • Hi Everyone , I am almost 16 months after my kidney transplant. From  Ilast 6 months have started getting a lot of boils on my skin.My nephro told me these are because of medicine Mycommune (Prograf) that I take daily. If anyone has faced a similar issue kindly suggest how can these be reduced, because I get these too often and are very painful.

    • Hello Akriti

      I had same issues with my skin and checked with dermatologist. they gave oitment which fixed thne problem but that is not permamnent solution. I still use that cream whenever I had new rashes. 


      • I have measles last January. It is a big rush , color red very painful . Took me to get better 3 months . 

        feels like you burn the skin in the fire.

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