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  • after 3 months taking Cell Cept my doc decided to stop it because of some problems that it has with my body. now its 2 years am not taking cell cept and am good .

  • Has anyone suffered hair loss as a result of taking myfortic? If yes, how big a dose? I thought my hair loss was from prograf but I quit that a month ago and hair is still falling out massively. Am taking 720 am and pm each.
  • I was on Cell Cept for quite a few years with no problems.  About two years ago I switched to Myfortic because my insurance company wouldn't pay for the Cell Cept anymore.  No problems until recently.  Now it makes me nauseous and I suddenly  throw up if I take more than one pill in the am and one in the pm.  :( 

  • I use to take Cellcept after my double lung transplant , but 10 1/2 yrs. later I could not tolerate it.  It caused extreme diarrhea , so the doctor prescribed me Myfortic and all is back to normal. I will have my 12 yrs. transplant done the 19 of December.

    • Hi Peter, what is this 12 years transplant you write about?
  • I take 6 Myfortics a day..I am doing fine on it.. Almost 5 years since transplant...
  • i have been on myfortic 1400 once a day for 9 weeks now im ok with it hasnt really caused me any problems that ive noticed xx

  • I was on valcyte for 3 months after transplant. About a month later I came down with CMV. They put me on 900mg twice a day for 3 wks. Second week in I am starting to feel better. Still worry about the long term effects on my kidney. I had my 2nd transplant on August 9, 2012. My first one worked for 18 years.
  • I hear you.  For now they have left me on a maintenance dose of one Valcyte per day.  It definitely is expensive, thankfully my insurance pays for it.  Congratulations on almost 22 years with your new kidney!!

  • Yes, they put me on Valcyte, but within 2 weeks after going off I get the CMV back.  That is one expensive drug.  I worry about the impact of all these high powered drugs on my kidney.  I had had 2 rejection episodes and am 21years 11 months out!  Want to stay healthy!

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Looking to hear questions and comments from those of you taking Myfortic.

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