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  • My husband is almost 3 weeks post lung transplant and having severe tinnitus, it is so severe he is not sleeping, eating and therefore interfering with his ability to rehab. The doctors say it is not from Prograf but I have found documentation that it can occur, one of you actually responded and said they had it and it was definitely the Prograf and had experienced for over 10 years !! If anyone else has had this and has any thoughts on how to help with it, we are desperate . Donna R
  • Hey there Everyone! New to the site. About a week away from the 6 month mark of my kidney transplant. I have noticed about the past 2 months my hair has been thinning out and that it really is not growing anymore. I got a haircut around December 24th and it has not grown really at all, yet my beard is growing normally. The doctor said that this can happen and from what I've read on here, this is pretty common. I am currently on 4 Mgs per day. 2 in the morning, 2 at night. Any recommendations for things that have worked for you? I haven't brought it up with my doctors yet just figured I'd ask some people who are going through the same thing.
    • I on the same amount of medication you are 2 am and 2 pm. I also had some hait losss. The best thing for this side effect...... take a BIOTIN VITAMIN and you can also use BIOTIN SHAMPOO. My doctor told me about it. It helped me, I take the 5000 mcg once a day. It also helps with you nails, skin, and energy. It dissolves in the mouth. It has really helped my hair grow.

  • Anyone from south Mississippi?
  • It's been almost three years since my liver transplant the first year I was on prograf and steroids. After my steroids stopped after 8-9 months I put on weight drastically Now after that's I keep increasing on my weight I weighed 76last few months back then I put on 5kgs in two months. I look as if I have been pumped on like a balloon. So pls pls can any one advice me what to do. Or is this due to prograf. I now weigh 80kgs I m sooo depressed
  • Is there anyone on Prograf & Everolimus?

    • I am taken 7 mg prograf and my tremors are very high, all my body are shaking, specially my two legs
      • I am 3 years post tx. I take many drugs including Prograf and mycophenolate. 

        • hi linda! can i ask how much the price of prograf 1mg and mycophenolate in your living in philippines.maybe you can help me where i can buy cheapest price in this way?you can email me
  • I have been on Prograf for a year now, 17 years post kidney tx. I have headaches daily, tremors in my hands. i take 1.5 mg twice a day. i take Pyrodoxine to limit the tremors. it does help. nothing helps with the headaches. how can anyone understand what it is like to like in constant pain ranging from mild to damn near impossible to function on a daily basis? and I am not allowed to take paracetamol every day.

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