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  • My question is, I am almost 10 year post of my transplant and I am off all my anti rejection drugs ( I do not recommend this to anyone trying to get off these without dr. Consent- but received my mother’s liver and with Gods help I believe this is why?) Anyway I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I am struggling whether or not to do chemo after they remove the lump ~ because of all the poisons that will filter through my liver....has anyone or no of Anyone that my have had breast cancer/ or any other cancer after a transplant and chemo???

    • At the very least, I would ask for a consult from a transplant hepatologist or team member and be followed throught your chemo. I am so sorry you must deal with this issue and I pray you to overcome it and return to health soon.

  • Iam 29yrs old 4 months post kidney transplant now,currently taking  vingraf, mofilet and urine output is ok,the egfr is at 89,my creatinine and urea levels are on the normal range, just like a month ago my potassium rose above the normal range,i had to stop taking bananas and ovacado smoothies,it dropped down to the normal question is,I sometimes experience some headaches,when i check my Bp it turns to be there anyone experiencing this?Or is it a side effect of the immunosupresants?Second are we allowed to take herbal teas eg mint tea?

    • The headaches could be from anything, even allergies, that you never had before, which I began after a Tx.

      it may be related to your combination of medications. Herbal teas are mostly safe, however, I would shy away from certain extracts of teas, which can interfere with the metabolism of medication. I think a brief discussion with your Tx team about both questions will benefit you.

    • You have similar questions to my own.  I am no longer taking potassium and have been getting it through diet.  I do experience the headaches like you and my blood pressure also seems fine.  As far as the herbal teas, I have a skype appointment with my doctor this afternoon and I planned on asking about that.  I'll let you know what she says.  I drink a lot of decaf sleepytime tea, but I question wheather any herbs might interferre with my meds.

      • Please let me know once you confirm.

  • Is there anyone out there taking everolimus? I am taking the generic for prograft and i have gained 40 pds i read that everolimus was better for your kidneys and for weight. Any thoughts on this????

  • Please click and view it may save a life.

  • Hello. My question is about a product called beer juice with acai & pomegranate flavoring. Should I still not take it. I am 15 weeks post kidney transplant.
    • I would , pomergranates have been added to the lists of  things that mess with our  rejection  meds

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