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  • Is there anyone out there taking everolimus? I am taking the generic for prograft and i have gained 40 pds i read that everolimus was better for your kidneys and for weight. Any thoughts on this????

  • Please click and view it may save a life.

  • Hello. My question is about a product called beer juice with acai & pomegranate flavoring. Should I still not take it. I am 15 weeks post kidney transplant.
    • I would , pomergranates have been added to the lists of  things that mess with our  rejection  meds

      • Poms are a No No.

  • I was wondering I am post liver transplant of 2 and half years if it would be ok to take apple cider vinegar for losing weight I have tried everything and nothing has helped. I have to lose weight because I am also on stage 4 kidney disease. Please help me
  • So this question has to do with donor genes. What exactly does this mean? Does this mean if a tx is pregnant, can her baby have some genes from donor? In other word is there a possibility of gene mixing?
  • I had a liver transplant Aug. 9 2016 due to acute liver failure, my new liver is great , but my kidneys are not recovering so fast ANY GOOD advice? I was told to eat plenty of fruits and veggies plus smaller portions of protein and hydrate all day. I was advice not to drink anything but water until the kidneys recover. They were fine before my meald score skyrocketed from 17 to 37 with in 2 months. Than my kidneys took the brunt while I waited for the transplant which actually came pretty fast, thank God... but I was told because of prograf which is 5mg morning and night. It takes its Toll on the kidneys, others are doing better than me with kidney recovery.
    • Make those kidneys work.  Drink your water at least 1 gallon during the course of the Day. That is what I was told to do from my Kidney Docs in Kansas City St Lukes. They need to produce urine.


    • Hi Janice,
      I had a liver transplant 2 years ago and had many complications post surgery. They found that Tacrolimus (the chemical name for Prograf) was working well but I was still getting rejection. They changed me over to Advagraf (still Tacrolimus, so the same guidelines, but taken once in the morning instead of twice a day). This had such a drastic change on my recovery, but, as I'm sure you know, it is different for each person and each transplant, so it may be a good idea to chat with your doctors about a possible switch. I was also taken off the steroidal anti-rejection meds but I got put back on them and have stayed on them now. Have you had any chances in meds that may correlate with your dip in health?
      I hope this helps and wish you the best in the New Year.
      Take care.
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