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The HealthCare Consumer Primer by David Freshman

Bobby Rydell Teen Idol on the Rocks -A Tale of Second Chances

To the Transplant Games By Caroline McIntosh

"The Gift of Life Behind the Scenes of Organ Donor Retrieval" by Traci Graf

"Possible Miracle" by Susan Fayne

"He Breathes Again" by Rohini Jayamanne

"Lillies of Hope" by Amy Ruppel

"Transplanted to Better Healthy" by Carole Fair

Kidney Steps by by Victoria Hulett

"Breathe and Let Go" by Gavin Maitland

"The Organ Donor Experience: Good Samaritans and the Meaning of Altruism"

"Tell me If This Hurts' By Mick O'sullivan

"Mommy Can Play Again" Trio Philadelphia

"The Seven Letters That Saved My Life" by Dottie Lessard  

"Never Say Never" by Gary Klausner

"Taking Flight: Inspirational Stories of Lung Transplantation" By Joanne Schum

"The Power of Two" by Isabel Stenzel Byrnes & Ana Stenzel

"Not So Brave" by Robert Jaunsen

"When Crickets Cry" by Charles Martin

A Heart Like Mine by Cindy Scinto

"The Next Fifteen Minutes" by Kim kircher

"Change of Heart" by Robbie Pittman

"The Organ Donor Experience" by Katrina Bramstedt (Author), Rena Down

"Another Second Chance" by Troy Lewis

"Heart of Iron" by Kyle Garlett

UNOS PDF "What Every Patients Needs to Know"

 "TransplantNation" by Douglas Vincent

"Dying to Live" By Gaea Shaw

Precious Gifts: Katie Coolican's Story. Barklay and Eve Explain Organ and tissue Donation

The Lung Transplantation Handbook by Karen Couture

"Diabetes- A Lifetime of Being Too Sweet" by Walt Crocker

Smoothies For Kidneys by by Victoria L Hulett JD

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  • I like these: - very new. Though focused on her kidney transplant it's great. I read while in the doctor's office as it's perfect to pick up and put down frequently. Also end of each chapter has "tips" for patients & medical professionals. (this one is older from 2007 but it talks a lot about self advocacy & is immesely helpful transplant patient or not). The author does have some newer works I haven't had a chance to read yet.
  • "Organ Transplantation" by Frank P. Stuart, Michael M Abecassis and Dixon B Kaufman is a new book which gives a brief history of transplantation and then gives medical details of interest to those willing to read through the technical language of transplantation and medications for kidneys, lungs, heart and liver up through 2009.
  •  The book Non Compliant List gives an accurate account of the events surrounding cadaver organ transplants from the perspective of a very sensitive recipient and enlightened teachers. This book is not for everyone and should not be read by transplant recipients, transplant candidates, or anyone associated with cadaveric organ transplants. And esp. Connie the woman awaiting a liver transplant and writing a book about her experience.

  • Thanks for some good reading material! I am writing a book called Surrender. It is my journey from diagnosis to current day. A book in progress (It won't be finished until I have had the liver transplant) it includes photos, interviews, quotes and references.

  • "Another Second Chance $2.99 on KINDLE Spread the word How a Strangers kidney saved my life  ...And my brother's too!"

  • Does anyone want to have a book discussion?

  • UNOS

    Rewrite of their PDF "What every patients needs to know"

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    A good friend of mine Gary Klausner wrote "Never Say Never".  I am going to buy this book today.


    If you know someone with CF, they will definitely be inspired by Gary's words.  Whenver I talk to Gary, I always feel uplifted.  I cannot wait to read his book.

  • Check out

    By Kyle Garlett

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