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    Hi everyone! Looking forward to learning from everyone. 

    Check out my blogging website launched recently:


    Hi everyone! Looking forward to learning from everyone. 

    Check out my blogging website launched recently:


  •  I have a question on apple cidar vinegar pills. Are they safe to take. I'm a transplant patient of a little over 20 years and now I'm dealing with water weight and blotting and having a hard time receiving my meds. I need help bad.

    • Beware that vinegar may alter potassium and insulin levels, warns Harvard Health. ACV capsules may have similar effects, depending on their concentration. Get your doctor's approval before using these products.

      Your Diet and exercises matter the most than any pill 

      You can read an article where I have given some information on how to deal with water weight and blotting 

      and you may find it more easy then any thing else and assistance as well

      Lose weight -   You can read this

      Hope you find a solution to get away from this bloating 

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  • Please click and watch,pass it on may save a life.God Bless.

    Jackson Transplant Institute in Miami Florida and Dr.Roth.A Great Team,A Great Place,oh Yes & Great Climate.Thank you again for giving me a 3rd life after Chuck E Cheese and Adenovirus Nightmare on Oct 7th of 2018.

  • hi warren ,  i also had my liver/kidney transplants and ny presbyterian weill cornell ..  very grateful, i had it done on 2/17/18 .  this is a great hospital number 1 in nyc.  i also was on transplant list at 2 other hospitals , one was mayo clinic in florida.  cornell came throught for me  its a great place love the staff , nurses, doctors, transplant teams they are th best   carol

  • New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical. Jan 13 2018, I wish I would have tried here first, wasted almost 2 years at other transplant centers.  After first visit with transplant team I knew this was going to be the place I would be transplanted (kidney) . My wife was  my donor, we were treated like family and the post operative care made us feel like we were the only patients they had to take care of.  HIGHLY recomended !!!!

  • Hi, my name is Dean Gorder from Chicago, I had my Liver Tranplant July 23 2016 , .I want to THANK Northwestern Culver Team for giving me a 2nd chance.

  • Hi, Im Dan # 495 lung transplant at St. Josephs Phoenix, going back begining of Oct. for clinic and visit. Its been about one year, 10 1/2 monthes since xplant. Breathing is awsome! Thank you to the donor family's and the staff at St. Joes! My best to you all.

  • Hi I'm sue. I've just had skin cancer. Due to anti rejections I've had 2 liver .

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