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  • Is there anyone who takes liquid oxygen, and is it safe for liver transplants?

  • I am 1 1/2 years out from kidney transplant and I have something called the BK virus also known Polyomavirus. I have 14000,00 in blood and 10 billion in the urine. I don't really understand what this is and why I got this but the doctors said it is common in transplant patients.
    • Hi Karen,

      I'm going on 13 years with my kidney transplant and I had the BK virus for several years while taking meds to help reduce and eliminate it entirely.  Thanks to my transplant team at Tampa General Hospital I am now free of BK virus.  Feeling great.  God Bless

  • I had my kidney transplant 1/4/2017 at University of Washington in Seattle, WA USA. To date my team has been wonderful. The testing and screening was very thurough and time consuming but now I understand why: they want a great outcome!

    I was part of a paired kidney exchange. My wife & I have stayed in touch with "our partners" and it's great to compare notes with them. Stay informed, never let your gaurd down regarding your Rx's & care.

                                                        ANY DAY WITHOUT DIALYSIS....IS A GREAT DAY!!!

  • I had my liver transplant at Johns Hopkins Hospital MD. Dr Cameron and his crew are the best
  • My liver transplant was at Florida Hospital Orlando by surgeons with Florida Hospital Transplant Institute in Orlando.I am about to celebrate my 59th birthday (9/13) and then my 7 year anniversary (10/26) of my transplant and being cancer free. A blessing like no other.


  • I had my double lung transplant at the university of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, fantastic doctors and nurses and they have a real good success rate on their transplants, I am just over 1 year out so my medications are still being adjusted up and down, in the last few months they haven't changed much, guess everything is finally coming together.
  • Received a living donor liver transplant from my Son on 08/15. I ended up at Northwestern Memorial in Chicago after visiting Mayo and Madison, WI. I Chose well.
    • I had my liver transplant at NMH also ----- it is a great place -- I am 6 years out!! Good luck to you always.

  • Had liver/kidney tx at Ocshner Med. Center, a beautiful facility in New Orleans. Given new lease on life during Mardi Gras. Listed for 10 days, and got the call while enjoying a parade on St. Charles Street. Was listed at UCSF, CPMC, and Stanford for 15 years, all incredible Centers and found Ocshner to be the greatest of them all. (Of course I am biased).
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