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  • Hi Joan, 

    I had my liver transplant surgery May 23,2021 and while I'm doing great, I'm still healing up inside. Give yourself time to heal, try not to rush yourself. Bumps in the road happen, they had to open up a blood vessel to my spleen with a balloon, and at the same time, they discovered an aneurysm and put a small metal coil in that. 
    My cirrhosis was caused by Sarcoidosis and Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.

    The future is brighter for us! A Merry Christmas to you and everyone here at transplant friends!

  • I was found to have cirrhosis after a urologist found my liver to look "shriveled up". I had passed a small stone and he happened to notice the liver in the scan. Was referred to a hepatologist and eventually was put on harvoni. After about 6 months I was found to have a very small tumor which was destroyed. Another showed up, and then I was referred to the U of Minnesota. Eventually put on the list for a transplant. I had the transplant the end of July 2021. 
    I had a little bump when I was showing signs of rejection. Turned out to be a biliary tube was not draining right. I have had two ERCP's done, a next one set up for January 2022. They will take the stent out and see if it's good without.

    Since the transplant, I have had so much tiredness, and feel so strange from the meds. 
    But it's getting better. 
    Reading some of the questions and answers before I joined this group, I see I'm not alone.

    • Let us hope and pray that you continue to improve on your journey to better health! 


      • Thank you

  • I had hep C and after transplant took Maveret. Worked very well though I slept a lot for the three months that I took it. All went and is going very well after liver transplant. Done at Ochsner in New Orleans. Some problems with Prograff level and kidney function.

  • Please click and watch  it  may save a life.

  • Hello Scott. Glad you seem to be doing so well. I'm new to this site and am trying to find anyone that experiences sever pain in the bottom of both feet. I know it's a side effect of medication but doctors just say in time that should subside in time without any idea of timing. Any more than a few minutes on my feet and I'm down for a couple hours. I take 8 rejection pills per day. 3 cellcept and 1 tacrulumus morning and evening. I'm lucky to be alive so no complaints just asking.


  • Had my transplant Nov 2016 , had some rejection issues and other medical problems so didn’t start hep c treatment til dec 2017 . Now it’s August 2018 , I am hep c free and doing excellent with transplant , only take total of 5 pills a day 3 in am and 2 at night 

  • Well I am cured of hep c with harvone did 12 week treatment 2 years back 

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    • i was also cured with Harvoni.but before harvoni ,i was treated with interferon which didnt work.

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