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  • I had hep C and after transplant took Maveret. Worked very well though I slept a lot for the three months that I took it. All went and is going very well after liver transplant. Done at Ochsner in New Orleans. Some problems with Prograff level and kidney function.

  • Please click and watch  it  may save a life.

  • Hello Scott. Glad you seem to be doing so well. I'm new to this site and am trying to find anyone that experiences sever pain in the bottom of both feet. I know it's a side effect of medication but doctors just say in time that should subside in time without any idea of timing. Any more than a few minutes on my feet and I'm down for a couple hours. I take 8 rejection pills per day. 3 cellcept and 1 tacrulumus morning and evening. I'm lucky to be alive so no complaints just asking.


  • Had my transplant Nov 2016 , had some rejection issues and other medical problems so didn’t start hep c treatment til dec 2017 . Now it’s August 2018 , I am hep c free and doing excellent with transplant , only take total of 5 pills a day 3 in am and 2 at night 

  • Well I am cured of hep c with harvone did 12 week treatment 2 years back 

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    • i was also cured with Harvoni.but before harvoni ,i was treated with interferon which didnt work.

    • i was cured with harvoni

  • hi wayne.had hep c caused by blood transfusion/ cleared virus 2014.but liver damaged so much had liver tx a yr ago yesterday 18/7/16.been a long hard rd but you will be ok.keep praying the most positive thing toy can do JESUS  BLESS  YOU                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Blll                                     

  • I used to be member till my e-mail got hacked now I'm back went thru harvoni cured of hep c doing alright 1 day at a time
  • Scott hang in there it gets better
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