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  • Is any one having cravings for sweets?

  • I am 2 years post transplant n feeling fabulous! It's nice to be in this group because you lall get it!!

  • Thank you for the warm welcome. I am only 3 mos post surgery. I am so lucky as I have experienced an amazing graft. My new liver is functioning perfectly. I have however experienced a few set backs though. I had a bile duct leak on week three and post op for that surgery experienced an perforated intestine. And I have also had 2 serious abdominal infections. On the road to healthy now and looking forward to getting to know my new liver.

    • Welcome to a wonderful new world of another of Gods wondrous gifts. It sure doesn't come without it's troubles for most but being alive and grateful for the family donation, well thats says it all. I went thru a great deal but really just knowing I was here and able to go thru anything made it easier. I ended up losing my gallbladder and spleen due to compications of multile infections and rejections. Nurses waking me at 2 AM to take me to insive care because my numbers dropped. Quite an experience... I was in and out of the hospital for 10 years but have settled in and doing great the last 5 of my 22 years. I remember having all those tubes coming out of my ribs, stomach, liver, and wherever. The pain and etc that was part of the drainage tubes was the worst for me. I spent 3 1/2 months in the hospital waiting another liver to match. The bile small  ducts ducts were leaking in the first transplant and that was terrible. Itching and the draining of bile. But like I said, ALL worth it!!! Thank God every day and would certainly do it all again. I am 72 now and enjoy every day the same as the one before.


    • Life with a Tx, with its ups and downs, can feel like a rollercoaster, at times. When you start counting in decades, imagine how you will feel when an issue arises. I'm starting my third decade and have faced some major events, yet I remain determined to overcome all to enjoy this second (or third) chance at life. I hope you enjoy many, many years in good health! 

  • I am ten years post op.  Psc and HCC. Excellent health now, enjoing my life.  

    Tips: total compliance with provider recommendations. Set time for every 12 hr on cell phone-take all your meds every day on time. NO ALCOHOL. Skin checks as liver txp recipients' risk of skin cancer is 65 times greater than average. Reguar visits with pcp, and, as prescribed for cardiologist and others.  Healthy lifestyle: exercise, diet, sleep.  Don't screw around, life and longevity depend on our post op behavior.


  • I'm Janice, I just celebrated 4 years of new life after a successful liver transplant at Stanford .  I'm down to 2 mgs.  of prograf  plus 2 cellcept per day . Does anyone have up to date information on how long one can expect to live after a liver transplant. Any stories on this topic?

    • Janice-the conventional wisdom is that 50% of organ transplants last 10 years.  However, I have met individuals who are well into their 20+ years of good health after liver transplant, for example.  In a way, this number is meaningless.   Old answer: "it depends". Somewhere around 5-10% of organ txps survive less than one year.  We survivors owe it to ourselves and to our donor family to seriously take care of our health and we will be rewarded with longer and healthier lives. We can be at peace.  Txp or not, none of us know our "expiration date". Relax, enjoy and be at true peace.


    • After my transplant while still going to clinic I meet an elderly lady who was coming in for her 25th aniversary check up.  That made my heart soar!

    • Hi janice, there is record of Liver Transplant survivor rate above 20 years, but most of them are/were young recepients and received family donation. I am above 5 years post liver transplant patient and is on 1mg/day, no axillary medicin I am taking, except multi vitamens and Tecta.

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