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  • Liver transplant 2/15 all is well but numbers went up this month maybe some processed food ?

  • Um. Hi there! 

    I'm kinda new-ish to the site. I'm on the Facebook page as well. My name is Janet. I had a liver transplant October 4, 1995, when I was 4 years old. (I'm 27 now.) I was born with Biliary Atresia. I'm doing good. Had a rejection scare a couple of years ago...didn't realize it until about a year later. (The doctor I had at the time did not communicate well with me.) I can't really be very insightful as I don't remember going through my transplant. I remember going into about 3 of the many surgries that I had (one of them being my transplant!). I just thought I would introduce myself. So...hi!!


  • hello everyone    i am 6 months post liver and kidney transplant.   i am doing ok but it seems to me i had alot more energy when i first got transplanted around month 3  now i am tired ofter and i have aches and pains every morning.  i am still taking prednisone but only 5 mg 5 days a week i was taking alot more at first.  i still have slight anemia   and white blood cell count is very low.  i take 8 mg of tacrolimus a day and 360 myfortic 2 times a day has anyone else experienced these symptons ?

  • Hello! I had my liver transplant April 2016. I was given Prograf and am now down to 2 mg twice daily. I gained 130 lbs within 9 to 10 months that first year due to Prednisone I was given in that same time period. I have been working with a weight loss doctor who is trying to help me with the weight problem. So far, I've only lost 11 lbs in the course of 2 months, mostly because of digestive/constipation issues I am having. 

    Anyway, I am pretty bummed out. I thought I would feel a lot better than this. When I go to the grocery store, I use one of the riding carts because I don't feel energetic or strong enough to do the whole duration of shopping pushing a cart. I am constantly fatigued. I have been trying everything I can. Does anyone have any recommendations? Help! 

    Thanks! Nancy 

  • Hello everyone. This is my first time on the site. My liver transplant was 20 months ago. I'm wondering if anyone has the many continuing side effects as I have. I'm still on the same 1500mg of cellcept daily as when I came home 14 months ago. The tacrulumus was reduced to 2mg per day 3 months ago. Other than the 60 pound weight gain and encepholopathy my worst side effects include serious pain on the bottom of my feet which stops me from being able to stand for more than a few minutes and take walks, lightheadedness and benig unbalanced, fatiuge yet insomnia. 


  • Hello,


    I am new here and have just made the liver transplant waiting list as of FEB 2018. I wondered if any here have comments on the differences between living and deceased donor transplants. A deceased donor transplant is the only option I have available.

    • Hi Jacob; hope you are doing well. The living donor is a alive donor, for success must be from kin; parents, sister, brother all are the most suitable one, but ants, uncle, nephews, nice may be considered as alternate, even non kin donate, sure in all cases match with recipient. This is the most successful liver transplant option, have less complication than deceased donor or out of kin. The living donor donates his part of liver, almost 1/2 or less, that regenerate within months. Deceased donor not brain death, may be on life support but now in many cases critically injured donor soon after death donate liver as research has advanced as much as to keep donors liver viable or high chances of revival or success for recipient. Hope this information work for you; good luck

    • Hi I'm 2yrs out of a full Transplant from a Deceased Donor ,I had mine done at Northwestern University and things are's  going fine , it's TOUGH, with your support TEAM you CAN DO IT

    •  Jacob,

      I wish I had more advice for you but my only option was also a full transplant from a donor that had passed on.


  • Anyone have any aortic regurgitation prior to transplant?


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