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  • You're exactly right.

  • I'm sorry to hear that, I hope the bone disease can be licked. 
    Hernias, at least in my experience, are relatively easily fixed.

    Best wishes.


  • Since my last post I have developed two surgical hernias and bone disease. My liver is functioning very well, just everything else is falling apart.

  • Hi Joni, 

    Since my last post, I have had ultrasounds, a ct scan, and two angiograms.

    They had to ballon a narrowing in a blood vessel where the surgeon performed the anastomoses, and may have to put a stent in there at a later date. Also put an "Amplatzer Plug"in the artery near my spleen. Gotta ask them about that one on Tuesday.

    If the hepatic vessel starts to close up they may put a stent in there.

    Fun fun fun.......

  • Good morning

    I've had Doppler ultrasounds to check for blood flow. So far so good. Just remember even if there is a problem your team will be on top of it and there are lots of weapons in their arsenal.

    • Thanks, Joni!

  • I guess what I left out was a question- has anyone in this forum had a similar experience after transplant? I know complications can happen, but I am curious as to any similarities in anyone else's experience.

  • Hi all, 

    Last week I had an ultrasound performed, a routine test one month after my surgery.

    As a result of that, they needed a CT scan of my liver which I had two days later.

    As a result of THAT, I am now scheduled for an angiogram Friday morning at Loyola.

    They want to check out the blood flow in my new liver, the previous tests were inconclusive as to  wether or not everything is working properly. 
    Maybe it's something, maybe it's nothing.

    Whatever the case may be, I couldn't be happier with the care I have received and the vigilance of the transplant team to stay on top of everything.

  • We'll said!! Survivor guilt is real

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