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  • Anyone have any aortic regurgitation prior to transplant?


  • Dear all friend .

    i would like to konw who is longest time after liver transplant in the word, I would like to share his experice in past 

    thanks for you attention ,

    all the best 


    • I am 17 years post transplant in July 2018

  • Hi 5 years ago I had an fulminant hepatitis, the probably cause was auto inmune . I has a trasplant almost at the end. Now 5 years after I am reajecting te liver . So I started an agresive treatment  increasing the prednisona and Cell cept with the posibility to increase the prograf XL next month. I want to know ig do you have had  similar experiences  that you can share 



    • I am 3 years and my medication was changed recently due to side effects of some of my medication. The changed CellCept and Sundimunn. This caused a reaction and activated Hep B. This was from my liver donor who was treated for this virus before his transplant. At the time of my transplant it was in a sleeping condition. They are treating the Hep B aggressively with another medication - Vemlidy (25mg/day). Thay will check it again after a month to see the progress.  

  • Hi Lisa! I'm new to the group also. In answer to your question, my MELD score was 40 at the time of transplant. For perspective, I was admitted to the hospital & diagnosed between Nov 15th & 22nd. (I was completely healthy prior to this time.) At the time of diagnosis, my MELD score was 32. By the end of the first week in December it was 40! Holy Guacamole. Hang in there, and all positive thoughts to you!

  • Hi - I'm new to the group. Liver transplant Dec 18, 2017 from my son-in-law. I am on mycophenolat 1,000mg twice daily, tacrolimus 2mg twice daily and prednisone 5mg once per day (and various other meds to manage side-effects). Docs want to add everolimus (zortress) .75mg twice daily... in hopes to reduce tacrolimus due to adverse side-effects. I am really anxious about this drug with all the listed side-effects. 

    I understand everyone is different but it would be helpful to hear from a few folks who have taken this med and their experiences. 


    • Hi Doris, I went recently for my 3 year checkup and then they changed my medication due to some side effects which I had since my transplant. I was on different medication but maybe the following link can help you to know the side effecs of your medication. see below. I am enjoying excellent health now.

      | Prescription Drug Information, Interactions & Side Effects
      Prescription drug information and news for professionals and consumers. Search our drug database for comprehensive prescription and patient informati…
  • How long has anyone had jaundice prior to transplant?  Really interested in those with decompensated cirrhosis due to alcohol abuse.  I am

    in my 28th month and feel time is very short.


  • -Today i woke up earlier then i do. I thought about people whom are going through the tough times. I thought alot about the younger generation on our reservation. As this sickness took lives from their loved ones. I feel it when someone goes through this. My heart hurts for those whom are mourning. If i can just reach out to people and help. I hope to one day try and make a difference. I hope to one day see less of the younger adults pass away from liver failure. I sat there at my best friends house yesterday with a lump in my throat, thinking of families going through this. I prayed for the ones who are sick and i prayed from the ones with good health. My mind racing at all times of the night, thinnking of how i can help or what to say to the families going through these hard times with their loved ones. As i remember having my mother by my side the whole way through the process. Today my heart is heavy, with alot of emotion and alot of heart felt tears going into what im writing. This sickness is taking alot of loved ones. I feel like everytime i hear of a person my age getting sick, i feel for them. I PRAY FOR STRENGTH............

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