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    • Hi Lisa, mine was 32 when I arrived at the University. The third day after arrival I received my transplant. 

    • My meld score was 22.

    • I was 23 , waited 5 years in Colorado 

    • I was 28 meld, I'm in the New England area.

    • Mine was 15 but the continuing build up of fluid and draining twice a week was killing me so about a three year wait until the phone rang I hope your call comes soon stay on them ask questions .

    • Mine was 19, but I got 3 extra points becasue I also have Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension ... so 22 is what was used for the wait list.  The highest I got to was 27 at one point.  I was first on list for my blood type at UAB but no liver that woud fit my body size was available until a few monts later.

  • I am currently one year post liver transplant.  After recovering for maybe 8 months out I started to have aches in my bones, I went for further test and was diagnosed with arthritis in fingers, osteoarthritis in knees and bone spurs in heels.  Which I never had before my transplant and immediate after and it just hit me like boom.  Has anyone developed anything like this.  I am curious! ?? 

    • I can sympathasise with you ,I was diagnosed with oesteperosis / arthritis both in my knees .hands and wrists and in the pelvic area . I am taking the normal Calci-chew [ 1000mg/ day ] and Alenndroninezuur Auorobindo 70mg one time a week to strengthen my bones . I just put it down to wear and tear and age ha,ha, 

    • Hi in my opinion highly depend on what immunosuppressant you are taking?

  • Has any transplant patients experienced a increase in cholesterol levels after transplant? I am 2 years out and my levels have increased,just wondering.
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