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  • Hello, I’m new to the group. I am currently on the transplant list waiting for a liver to become available.  My question is for those who are post transplant that was your MLELD score at the time of transplant? Thank you!

  • I am currently one year post liver transplant.  After recovering for maybe 8 months out I started to have aches in my bones, I went for further test and was diagnosed with arthritis in fingers, osteoarthritis in knees and bone spurs in heels.  Which I never had before my transplant and immediate after and it just hit me like boom.  Has anyone developed anything like this.  I am curious! ?? 

  • Has any transplant patients experienced a increase in cholesterol levels after transplant? I am 2 years out and my levels have increased,just wondering.
  • hi i will be glad to help someone out with a kidney contact me

  • Anyone else have their transplant at UCSF?
  • Hello, I just joined this group. My liver failed at 58 out of the blue for reasons that they still can't identify. Doing pretty good 5 months out. These groups are a big help.
  • My husband is on the short list for a live liver donation for his father. We begin testing next month. He's also finishing his PhD and has arguably the biggest, most important test of his life in the next month (right before testing). We are both very scared of this whole process and despite the extensive research I've done the entire process still feels very inaccessible. I'm doing the best I can to prepare but I do have a few questions for those who have been through this process before: 

    My husband is a blood type match, I've read this is the biggest indicator. Is this accurate or is there still a change he wont be a match? If there is a chance, can anyone explain what other factors will play into this?

    For donors: I've read online the entire recovery process is 2 years with the hardest part taking 6-8 weeks. Is this accurate? We are a fairly active couple, did the transplant affect you long term? Were you able to go back to eating and drinking whatever you wanted, including alcohol?

    What is the best role I can play to make this easier for my husband? 

    • My daughter was my living donor. She was feeling pretty good after less than three-six months. She said the first couple of months were the hardest, especially with lifting heavy objects. It did not take her anywhere near 2 years to recover, however she was young and no doubt, the younger and healthier you are, the easier to bounce back. 

      The best thing you can do is simply be supportive, help him eat well and do whatever exercise he can without overdoing it. And yes, she began drinking again. Personally, I think too much emphasis

      is placed on alcohol. Good luck.

    • Hi Christian, I am 4mths out of tx & was very sick prior to tx. Have A+ blood and was fortunate to get the right donor. Tissue type didn’t matter as anti rejection meds take care of that. I had complications after & was in hospital for 5 weeks. I lost 10kg after tx & it has taken me 4mths to regain it back. After leaving hospital I was told that my immune systems were very low & to be very carefull in regards infections an eating out in food halls & salad bars etc. when I got home I was very tired for at leased 3mths. I have blood test every week & see my specialist every 2 weeks. Although I feel great no my Dr said I am still not out of the woods yet. I have found I have become very protective of my gift of a new liver as my doner gave his or her life to save mine. I haven’t touched alcohol for over 12mths now an never will again. (My wife will make sure of that) My wife has been my rock though my journey and still is but has taken it toll on her. The thing she for me the best was to continue to love me when I was down and not judge me when I couldn’t tell her how I felt. Just being there was the best medicine I could have. I hope this gives a little insite into our world.
      Good luck you all and love life every day to the fullest.
  • I had my transplant April 2016 and have been on Prograf (Tacrolimus) since that time. I have several side effects, as I am sure many others do too. My question is: are there any other immuno suppressants out there that are comparable to Prograf, but may have less side effects? I've read some of your posts on other meds but it seems to me that they all have problems attached to taking them. I have chronic headaches, extreme fatigue and am now getting high blood pressure. I feel sad and depressed that my life feels like it's going no where. Any suggestions?<br/>
    By the way - how can I become a member of this forum?
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