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  • Is anyone taking everolimuc instead of prograff???

  • Hello,
    Is there anyone who has had liver transplants due to cholangiocarcinoma or even hepatocellular carcinoma. I am looking for help for my husband.
    Thank you for any help.

    • I hope I can help, what are your concerns?


  • I am six months post tranplant. I have been dealing with acid reflux nightly. It goes away when I sit up but I deal with it several times through out the night. I am talking protonix twice a day and zantac once a day. Any one else have this issue with heart burn?

    • I had real bad acid reflux,what I did was Avoid Milk,Any Milk Products Ice Cream,,and any sauce like potassium spaghetti sauce,Tomato based foods.Also,NO eating after 6pm-7pm.It's worked for me,and my acid reflux was real bad can't breath,esophagus on FIRE.I calculated takes 5 hours for my digestion to pass to avoid acid reflux or to see if it happens.Also Sleep Upwards,NOT FLAT THAT IS NOT GOOD.Ok Good luck.No More Acid Reflux (GERD) for me.

    • I had a friend suggest to me using Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, and Honey to help. I tried it in a tea for and it did wonders for me. I don't know how much to what, but I just guessed. Hope you get some relief soon!! 

    • Thank you for the response. i did not know if that was something that anyone else has dealt with. 

      • The last thing is to make sure you do not have a hiatal the acid a better pathway no matter what you use.  But I went through the protonix (still) and the vinegar, etc helps.

        Can sleep flat now with protonix alone.  Well I don't sleep lol but no hearburn.

      • One caveat about ACV, it is very acidic and should not be ingested in undiluted form (hence the lemon, honey & liquid,)  it can burn the esophagus with repeated use,  Portions usually are 1 tsp AVC to 1 tsp honey with 1/2 tsp lemon and 2 oz. or more of water or juice.  This is also popular with those who wish to lose weight, as it interferes with the conversion of carbs to fat (not recommended for diabetics.) Try not to take it close to when you take your meds!

    • I have had trouble with acid reflux both before and after my transplant. I find it helps if I sleep at night with my head elevated with a wedge that is shaped such that I do not slide off of it as easily as wedge that goes down at a completely flat angle. By doing this, I am much less likely to wake up with reflux or nausea. I would also suggest trying to put around four hours or so between the last time you eat and when you go to bed so that there might be less in your stomacht to bother you when you go to sleep. However, I am not in  your shoes, so just try to find the time that works better for you. It was also suggested to me to take ginger supplements because ginger is thought to havea possible pro-motility effect on the stomach as well to be anti-nausea.

      If this does not help enough, you could consider asking your doctor if a medication that may improve the stomach's motility may be of use. If a stomach empties slower than normal, this can mean that the food lingers longer in the stomach and thus can stimulate the production of acid for longer. When I was having an especially hard time with acid bothering me at night, I was put on Reglan, one of the medications that may improve the stomach's motility, and this helped me out greatly. However, I was soon put on domperidone because of my doctor's concern for me possibly developing tardive dyskinesia if I were on Reglan long term. Domperidone is not FDA approved, but with the approval of my doctor, I have been able to get it from pharmacies in Canada, for example. It helped me as much as the Reglan.

      I hope that you and your doctor are able to figure out something that helps so that you can achieve better sleep. I wish you well. 

      Warm regards,




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