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  • I'm from Iran.

    If you would lik to have a chat with me plz mail me  '' ''

  • I’m from New South Wales Australia, Tx 4mths ago & doing well apart from a few problems with meds.
  • I am from Ventura County, CA but now live in Ashland, OR.
  • Chicago, Illinois USA
  • I am from india
  • I live in Staffordshire, England and, like our own version of this site 'HealthUnlocked.Com', humanity is evident at its best. Differences in colour, religion, nationality and culture aren't considered to be a barrier to the support, advice and love that's so abundant amongst us. 

  • Hello All,

    I am from London . I had my Tx 4 months back . Very stressed with side effects if medicines and health . Any tips are welcome to be shared.
    Have a nice day all.
  • Hi all.

    Michael here, an Irish man living in Paris, France.

    If you want to chat in French (or English, of course) I'm willing!

  • I'm from the Philippines.  Cagayan de Oro to be exact. :)

  • Mary Quebedeaux

    Opelousas, Louisiana  USA

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