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  • I was recently taken of Cellcept due to many side effects. I used to take 2000mg/day. My team decided to take me off Cellcept and replace it with Certican 2mg/day. All my blood test results revealed lower liver values since I took the new medication. I am just over 3 years post liver tx.

  • Greetings all - I take 500mg Cellcept twice a day, 5mg prednizone (corticosteroid) and 4mg Advograf. Eat like two horses, but swim a lot, which keeps my weight at 102kg. Went up to 117kg from 98kg after my transplant in March 2013. My cousin, he is blessed, gave me one of his kidneys and my life changed from being grateful to being on dialysis to being able to live a normal life. Blessings to all those who have been gifted with new life through the generosity of a donor, living or passed.
  • Cellcept works good for me....
    • Me too! I have been on Cellcept for Many Years!
  • Mikey

    If only I had that side effect (lost of appetite) lol. :)


  • Hi Everyone!!

    It's been awhile since my last posting, however I am doing wonderful and wanted to respond to the Cellcept question.

    I have been using Cellcept for over four years and the only apparent side effect I am having is a lost of appetite. I have also lost 40 pounds, now none of my cloths fit lol. I gotten to the point of one to two meals a day which has contributed to reduced blood pressure as well as eliminating Sodium.

    My doctor prescribed Cellcept as an addition to my Prograf medication to reduce the impact Prograf has on my Kidneys. I hope my answer is helpful and I wish everyone good health, wealth and strong sprite.



  • thanks rachel......ive gotten some good leads on here......thanks everybody

  • Mark

    I paid $47.00 for the Cellcept (generic).


  • Rachel, what meds did you pay 47 for three months?....private mess me if you want

  • Mark

    What about medicare part d ( I paid $47. for 3 months).   I get four other meds thru the patient assistance programs. 



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If you are currently taking Cellcept, please join us and share your experiences. What have been your side effects? Have they been resolved?

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