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  • Wow!! Thank you for sharing your story! I was diagnosed with PSC in 1995 and UC in 1996. Had first transplant at Baylor In Dallas, TX in 2002 and just had a second one a year ago, actually at Penn! It continues to amaze me to hear the stories. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are doing well. 

  • Hi Alicia,

    Just read your post. I am Nachiketa from India. I had liver transplant 5 years back. In fact, today is my fifth anniversary of transplant. I can understand and empathize with what you have gone through. 

    Now, the past is past. Draw strength from your experience and move forward with positive thoughts. Every day is a new one. Sometime, it is better not to think too much about what had happened in the past, it troubles more. But, I know it is not east, but we can always give it a try.

    I have also gone through very tough past. Feel depressed whenever I think about those days. I have started teaching myself to look forward and get involved with the things which we like most.

    Take care.

    Nachiketa Tripathi

  • Hello Alicia


  • Greetings and Welcome to Transplants Friends, Alicia.2918956?profile=original

  • Hello Alicia,

    Welcome to Transplant Friends and congratulations on receiving your Tx!  I hope you are feeling stronger every day.

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