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From a member on WebMd

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Share - which illness led up to you needing a transplant?

Very uncontrolled Type 1 diabetes

Which Organ(s) did you receive? If you are on the waiting list, please share.

Kidneys and pancreas on 9/20/2013

Drugs, vitamins, favorite foods

Uhhh all the drugs they start you on right after transplant, meds for anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain caused by being a passenger in a wreck with a tractor trailer in 2011. Had to discontinue vitamins for now. My favorite foods are pretty much anything that is bad for me :) Glad that I can indulge in milk and almonds and all the other stuff I had to stay away from when I was on dialysis.

How many years have you had your Transplant for?

0...I am almost reaching the one month mark. I had my transplant September 20th 2013.

I am Interested in Transplant Friends because...

I really had no clue how much getting a transplant would affect me mentally and emotionally. Not many people go through this kind of experience so it is hard for others to relate or begin to understand. I have an amazing family and support team that I know I can depend on but they don't truly understand and by joining I have an opportunity to talk to other people who have walked down this path themselves.

Which Transplant Center has or will perform your life saving surgery?

Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida.

Share how your transplant experience changed your life?

I can remember always thinking that I felt "good" and I had gotten used to my idea of what "good" was...a day with no vomiting or migraines. Or a day when I had enough energy to get out and do every day tasks. When I was 24 I lost vision in my right eye as a result of a detached retina and when I woke up and saw blood in the one good eye I had left I felt like my world was at an end. I didn't think I deserved a transplant because they reason for a lot of my problems was simply me not doing the things I needed to do to take care of myself like eat right and take my insulin and check my sugar. All little things but yet so important. I felt like there were people out there who had children and husbands and were so vital and important that their life was so precious that it would have a drastic effect if they were no longer here. That person deserved a transplant. I don't want anyone to think that I feel like if they didn't take good care of themselves that they don't deserve a transplant because that is very far from true. I just didn't think that I deserved it. I didn't think I was worthy. When the Doctor told me to imagine not having to worry about losing my sight anymore or taking insulin or all the other complications that come with diabetes, I couldn't imagine that because it was all I knew for so long. I kept thinking that even if I did go through the process of trying to see if I could get a transplant that I would get denied so what the hell, what harm could it do to fill out some papers and attend some evaluations. When I got the letter saying I was approved I was shocked. Then when I got a call the same day I was listed I was even more shocked. I was a back up though and I went home thinking I was really unprepared for this so it wasn't my time. Four months on the list and I had new kidneys and a pancreas. I thank God constantly for giving me this second chance. I actually mouth the words thank you. I don't have to take insulin and for the first time in my life I know what it feels like to feel good. Like the real definition of good. I don't know if I am lucky or what I am but I know I am alive and will be for years to come. But most of all knowing that my mother will never have another sleepless night or cry another tear for me is the most rewarding part of getting my transplant. She has been my strength for so long and suffered so much for me. When I hurrlt, she hurt. When I cried, she cried. When I wanted to give up, she was the one reason I held on. My transplant made it possible for my mom to breath again. I would do it all over again even the parts where I felt so sick from the medications that I almost regretted having the surgery. I would do all of it ten fold knowing that she would never shed another tear because now I see that I do deserve it, and so does she.

Share whatever information you want us to know about you

I am 27 years old. I have no children but I do have a pug that I consider my daughter and she is my world. I moved to Florida in 2008 to help my mom who is legally blind and my grandmother who is vibrant at 76 years old. I was diagnosed with ESRD in April of 2011, 3 days after I turned 25. I have been a diabetic since I was 11 and every person in my family except for my niece and nephew is a diabetic. I never really thrived at anything in particular because I never thought that far in advance but now that I have went through this I am starting to try and find myself. I am passionate about few things in this world, with the exception of my mother, my family, my pug, and my will to survive. I have a tendency to be a little to blunt or straight forward and I was raised to never be afraid and to be who I wanted to be and not to be sorry for who I am. I'm not sure how many tattoos I have, I don't count anymore but the four I really love are a heart shaped grenade, brass knuckles with the words Love Kills, and the phrases Farewell Forever and depart in peace in Latin. I was engaged but lost my fiance to allergic reaction. He was 25 and I miss him every single day.

Share your interests and hobbies

I am a research fanatic, I am always looking stuff up to learn more about things I find interesting or catch my attention. I am the same with music, I have a rather blended taste in music. I don't have a favorite band or song, I could never pick just one. I listen to Panic at the disco and My Chemical Romance when I feel emotional. I listen to Miike Snow and Deadmau5 when I want to dance. I listen to The Beatles and The Gorillas when I want to make a point. And when I feel like being a mini thug I listen to Drake and Lil Wayne. I read, not as much as I used to. I am addicted to Breaking Bad (RIP Walter White) and I tend to get distracted often but I think the reality is that I get bored easy. I don't do too much of anything but I am always doing something. I am always willing to learn about things I don't know much about and I think that once I get past the recovery stage of my transplant I might enroll in a few classes to figure out where I am going from here. I am 27 and its never too late to find something that I could truly love and want as a career.

What Part of The World Do you Live? Feel free to share city, state, country

Valrico, Florida USA

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  • Hi Amanda, I have been to Sloppy Joe's enough that I recognized it right away. Best wishes with your health. I hope that you are doing well. Yes, Mine was a TGH on December 29, 2002. I feel fortunate to have had them for my care. They are the best and I'm not saying that because my sis-in-law works there, lol

  • Hello Amanda, I saw your photo at Sloppy Joe's. Looks like the Treasure Island location. I've been there several times. Looks like you have been through a lot and I wish you the best.

    John in Largo

  •    I don't think anyone can understand what having a transplant does to u emotionally and physically- I got a liver 6yrs ago and Im still in awe! guess the drugs are 2nd nature now but not the side effects! it does get better, but the long strange journey I went thru with encephalitic craziness was something I did not expect!  I have been luckier than most only back in hospital twice both in the 1st year! the bout with CMV was horrible!  thought I was gonna die!  everyone has the CMV virus, (cytomeglias)? only it gets out of control cause our immune systems can't handle it  don't kno how bad a case I had, probably not too bad but it was Horrible!-Google it!

  •    I still have  good days and bad ones - all are gifts   read some of your profile, r  u a google freak?      I am!  always looking 4 something  to learn    nice to share with u   u sound  kinda special   and very sweet    Namaste!  mark

  • Thanks for asking, I am doing really great, hope your doing excellant. Take care.

  • Amanda, here is a piece of advice for you. You had made the comment that you did not want to set goals that were too lofty. The remedy can be as simple as this--set SHORT term goals. When you hit that goal, set another.  When I say short term goals, I mean ones that are no longer than a month or two away. It is also not healthy to lose weight too quickly. I have been told no more than a pound or two a week. (half is not too bad, either) You can look at it this way: In order to lose one pound in a week, there has to be 3,500 calories difference between what you ate for meals and what you burned. Good luck to you. If I can help in any other way, let me know.

  • Hi again, glad to be a friends. I am post Kidney tx of 16 months. Any questions, please ask.

  • Hello Amanda, welcome to tx friends, glad you joined. Congrats on post tx of 5 weeks, hope all is well. Take care, enjoy your day.

  • Hi there Amanda

    I loved your comments back to me that I can be your Oprah anytime. :)

    You made my day. Jump right in and you will find more caring people on this site.

    You might want to join TransplantBuddies.org too.

  • Hi Amanda

    Welcome! I am glad that you joined us. I hope you see all the answers to your forum post you created.

This reply was deleted.

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