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Water is life

Hello Everyone, 

I would like to share my recent experience and how it effected my kidney function. I hope this post will help you with some decision. :) 

I went on 1 night backpacking trip on 3 Oct 2020. It was bit strenuous, carried 32 lbs, gained mu

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Generic Cellecept

Hello All, 

Sorry if this is duplicate post.

My insurance stopped covering brand name cellcept (Manufacturer - Genentech). 

My question is have you ever had any problem after switching from brand cellcept to generic Mycophenolate Mofetil (Manufacturer -

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Prograf to Belatacept


Due to uncontrolled prograf level for over a year now, my doctor decided to switch me from Prograf to  Belatacept. 

I wanted to check how are you feeling after switching from Prograf to Belatacept  ? 

I see many posts regarding Belatacept here a

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Need help with Prograf level

Hello Friends, 

I am struggling with maintaining prograf level since 6 months now and doing weekly blood work to make sure it is in correct level.   

Can you please suggest me how much mg twice a say should I take to maintian level between 5-7 ng/ml ? 

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Kidney inflammation

Hello Friends, 

I had my transplant kidney biopsy done yesterday due to rise in createtine level. 

Doctor found that I am having kidney inflamation which is causing rise in createtine. So they are treating me with IV prednisone and probably I will take

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