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Where did you hear about Transplant Friends?

Google search

Are You Male or Female?


Share - which illness led up to you needing a transplant?

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Which Organ(s) did you receive? If you are on the waiting list, please share.

Left lung transplant

Drugs, vitamins, favorite foods

Cellcept, Prograf, Prednisone, Lopresor, Antifungal, Bactrim Multivitamin, calcium, magnesium

How many years have you had your Transplant for?

April 20, 2015. As of now about 9 months

I am Interested in Transplant Friends because...

Looking for more information, experiences, reassurances, etc

Which Transplant Center has or will perform your life saving surgery?

Hospital of University of Pennsylvania

Share how your transplant experience changed your life?

I am here today to play with my grandchildren, leave the house without lots of heavy equipment, take care of myself, and look forward to the future. Once again,my husband and I are able to travel, something we have not done for five years.

Share whatever information you want us to know about you

I went through a terrible pulmonary failure with a long five month hospitalization, coma, life support, cardiac arrest, and total muscle loss. It was the fight of my life. I waited over two years for my wonderful match. I will always fight for what is precious, whether it be my family or myself ,

Share your interests and hobbies

My family above all, especially those grands, walking with and taking care of my two dogs, crewel needlework, historical fiction, book club. I also head up the Architectural Committee of the community where I live.

What Part of The World Do you Live? Feel free to share city, state, country

Blue Bell, PA

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