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No, but I am in the process of becoming an altruistic kidney donor. I started this in November of 2008 and am nearing the end. It looks as though I could be the start of a three person donor chain. I am going for my second work up on 01/28/10.

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  •  Happy Birthday Art ! 

  • Happy Birthday Art L. Enjoy your night.

    Mr. T

  • Happy birthday Art!

  •  Happy Birthday Art ! 

  • Happy Birthday to you

    How are you feeling these days?


  • Hey Art!!! It's been awhile since I have been around, I hope everything going well for you, I have been doing great and will celebrate my 2nd birthday Valentines Day 2011.
    Happy Holidays
  • Hi Art, I read your note about them telling you that you would not be able to donate. I understand this must be very upsetting, but the important thing is that you are well. I am a true believer in if one door closes another opens. You are such a giving person maybe you are now meant to give in another way. We never know what life holds for us until we look back at it years later and say wow who knew that this disappointed would bring me to where I am now. We never know what act of simple kindness has on others, I think you have much kindness in you so maybe there are many lives you will touch in a different unexpected way. Wishing you the best. Rita
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Art!!
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