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Donated my left kidney

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Donated May 2012

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John Hopkins Baltimore, MD

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I donated to my wonderful mother & I pray it will give her another lease on life.

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I am a living kidney donor

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  • Good Morning Auntee Nae. What a precious gift you have given your mom. I am a heart transplant with kidney disease caused by the meds and diabetes. I'm not sure why I am doing so well with the transplant. I have been told that I had a perfect match. However, I do fight keeping my creatine levels in line the diabetes is a constant battle. My levels were a tad bit higher with my last batch of lab work.  How does your mom feel. I can tell you for sure she must love you deeply. Love and hugs to you.

  •   Happy Birthday Auntee Nae ! 

  • Thx Mr. T. I am thankful that I was able to donate. I Thank God 4 that everyday.
  • Hello Nae, welcome to tx friends, thanks for joining. You are one brave girl and a hero to your Mom. I thank my living donor every day. He is my hero.

  • Hi Nae

    How sweet and loving of you to donate your kidney to your Mom.

    We have several special living donors on this website.

    Join our group here where you can send messages to others in the group.


  •  Greetings Nae , Welcome Aboard ! 

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