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on facebook

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Share - which illness led up to you needing a transplant?

I needed a transplant because of having COPD

Which Organ(s) did you receive? If you are on the waiting list, please share.

two beautiful healthy lungs

Drugs, vitamins, favorite foods

Neoral, Imuran and Prenisone....among others

How many years have you had your Transplant for?

received transplant on Easter Sunday 4/16/06..9 years ago.

I am Interested in Transplant Friends because...

I would like to be in contacts with others who have already received the precious gift of life, those who are waiting for a transplant, and those who loved/ known someone who has been a donor or has signed up to be one.

Which Transplant Center has or will perform your life saving surgery?

Baylor Medical Center..Dallas TX

Share how your transplant experience changed your life?

There are no words to express gratitude for having been given a new life. It is so awesome to be alive, breathing in fresh air, watching grandkids grow up, see the sun rise and set and appreciating each day much more than I did before. I also try to be an advocate of organ donation whenever I can.

Share whatever information you want us to know about you

I'm on facebook under Carole Williams...Fort Worth TX...and can be reached at mackinnon1547@yahoo.com

Share your interests and hobbies

reading, traveling, playing scrabble, cooking and spending time with my loved ones.

What Part of The World Do you Live? Feel free to share city, state, country

Fort Worth, Texas for the last 33 years and Long Island NY for the first 33 years.

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  • Happy Birthday Carole

  •   Happy Birthday Carole ! 

  • Thanks for your kinds remarks Carol, life can take us to unknown places, let's see where it takes us! See you around this amazing community of survivors.

  • Carole, I've been reluctant to logon this website, and have been keeping busy with exercise, meds, rest, home and life management for the most part, still 'treading water' as I am too healthy for Tx, per the last Clinic at UTSW.  You are so nice to stay in touch and continue your fellowship here since your Tx. 

  • Thank you im honored to be part of this group

  • Carole, Thank you for your comment. I know it is a lot of decisions to be made with this, and even with all the tests, I may not be eligible, so maybe I am worrying for nothing!! Appreciate your offer of advice, and do not be surprised if I take you up on it.  You live a bit south east of me, I am west of Waco, but the hospital is in Temple.  This is a  new program, so there is no track record to go by.......Thanks for the good advice.


  • Thanks Carole. Good to be here.

  • Aw! Thank you for the comments of appreciation for caregivers! And I am so glad to hear that you're doing well! Baylor is an amazing facility!within the first 9 days of 2013, They've done 10 liver and kidney transplants!
  • Thank you Carole! Your thoughtful comment is very much appreciated :)

  • Happy Birthday to u and many more.

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