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Strive to Soar

One thing we humans tend to do a lot of these days is stress.  We stress about everything.  We stress about work, play, money, health, appearance, social life, other people, world events, politics, time, life, etc.

Heck, we even stress about stressing! The problem arises when you want everything to be perfect.  You get a bit uncomfortable and unhappy when things aren't perfect, so you start to focus on the negatives and that leads to stress

But there's a simple solution for this Don't chase perfection, strive for excellence!
Yes, Mr. Lombardi said it well indeed.  He was a tough football coach (American football for you non-USAers) who demanded a lot out of his players.  But Vince also knew that his men would never be perfect, so he instilled the culture that every game they should strive to be BETTER.

And that's what life is really all about. That's the essence of achievement and the essence of thriving.It's about being better. I know I say this a lot, but today I say it with a little added notion of inspiration.  When you simply strive to make things better--be it yourself, your life, or your situation--you release the weight of perfection and allow the process of excellence to give you wings.

Think about that and start soaring toward excellence today.

Peace Always.

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Believe in Possible

I have a little magical riddle for you today:
How can something that was impossible yesterday become possible tomorrow?
Answer: Do something different today! There's a simple, "magical" solution to just about every one of your problems.  If you want to do the impossible, simply do what you haven't done.  You might not always find the magic key on the first try, but if you keep trying you'll get it.
Okay, so there's nothing magical about this.  But the results will sure seem so.  If you want something in your life to be different, make it so.
Don't wait for the change to appear for you, make it happen yourself.  Take control of your happiness.  Take responsibility for yourself.
Once you do this, take the lid off your limits.  Allow yourself to believe in the possible, not the impossible.  Suspend your doubt and leap into the great unknown. 
See what's out there, and soon you'll probably learn what Walt Disney was talking about.

Best Wishes.

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Every person embarks on a journey of self-discovery at some point of time in his or her life. Some people attain spiritual enlightenment during this journey of introspection.

Knowing oneself fully is the highest point of self-actualization. To achieve this goal, one has to accept one's flaws and special qualities with humility and honesty.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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Dream. Believe. Create and Succeed.

Your wealth has nothing to do with your bank account. Your riches have nothing to do with dollars. Dollars are just pieces of paper that will eventually be traded for things.

The true measure of your wealth is for you to determine. Your true wealth is whatever you value most deeply. It is whatever makes you feel complete as a person. Your wealth makes you feel as if money doesn't even matter. The best kind of wealth is that which you have a say over.

It's in your hands. You can determine just how wealthy you are as long as you take control of the things that make you feel wealthy. It's that simple. If your feeling of wealth relies on other people, or relies on some kind of validation, then it's not in your control. In that case, you needs to the cards to be dealt in your favor in order to feel wealthy and be happy.

But if your feeling of wealth is dependent on things in your direct control--whatever they may be--then you can always turn to this feeling in times of need. Your wealth is not related to dollars and cents; it's related to your desire to be happy and to live a life of value.

There is no shortcut to this kind of wealth. It must be earned through a personal embodiment of everything you stand for. In other words, be you. Do what you do. And do it to the best of your ability, in a way that makes you proud to be one of the wealthiest people in the world. Live your values.

Best Wishes.


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