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Share - which illness led up to you needing a transplant?

Unrecognized high blood pressure (most likely)

Which Organ(s) did you receive? If you are on the waiting list, please share.


How many years have you had your Transplant for?

Have had it since October, 2007

I am Interested in Transplant Friends because...

Social networking. I would like to get to know as many of my fellow transplant patients as possible. If you would like, you could join me for chat every Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. CST. If I am not available, another of my fellow chatters should be there. Andy is my pal from across the big pond and a very likable fellow.

Which Transplant Center has or will perform your life saving surgery?

Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri

Share how your transplant experience changed your life?

It made it livable. In fact, it has become quite enjoyable.

Share your interests and hobbies

Music, fishing, collecting coins, exercising, eating and growing orchids. (Yes, I said growing orchids) Not necessarily in that order. Exercise has become my close friend since transplant, so eating might be a close second. I eat six times per day because I burn a calorie or three.

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  • Hello,

    Just wanted to reach out and see if you were stil doing well. I lurked here and there and read a lot of your posts regarding fitness/nutrition. Just wanted to connect and gain some insight.

    Take care,


  • hey I must of miss it, how is your garden doing did u get planted what all u wanted  

    Take Care

  • Back from Michigan yesterday. Brought back a hundred pounds of blueberries for ourselves and friends. Did not gain any weight, but have to go to the gym to clean and do some jogging today. I was really missing it while I was gone.

  • 2914305?profile=original

  • Thank you Cisco. It is 12.33 saturday now, so i probably can't do the chatrooms sessions.

  • Hi There, i'm not sure if the time zones would work out for the chats rooms. Thanks for the birthday messages. Kathy

  • A note to all of you - thank you.  You have made me feel welcome.  I've have lived a wonderful life.  I've lived and worked in three u.s. states and more than 70 countries.  I retired more than 15 years ago.  To be clear - I have been blessed with so much that the tx is just part of that story.  My care giver is the woman with whom I have been married for going on 53 years.  Two children and five grand children - naturally they are good looking  and above average.  thanks Garrison.

    I look forward to more communication . Mike


  • Thank you for remembering me on my b-day. I will try to join you on Saturdays. Have a

    happy and healthy new year.                            Roberta

  • That is amazing!! I have to look to see if you posted pictures. You must be so excited, you can bring joy to so many by your love of growing these flowers. Thank you.

  • Here is the article that I read


This reply was deleted.

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