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Type 1 diabetes leading to kidney failure.

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Kidney in 2002, Pancreas in 2008

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U of Mn Fairview

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It did.

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  • Hello, how are you today? , so I found out on youtube that cranberries are good for kidneys on youtube so  wrote the word 'cranberry'in the search bar and you mentioned you take cranberry pills. please let me know what brand you take and how often? sounds intresting. I have been thinking about maybe buying the cranberry pills at costco, 

  • Hey Cora! Just wanted to say thank you for dropping some kind words on my page. Appreciate it so much.
  • Cora,

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome!  I am 11 years out, and thanking God for everyday I have.  It has definitely been a long road, but I would do it again to have a good quality of life.  It is so wonderful to connect with buddies who know exactly how I feel!!


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  • Cora thank you so much for the welcome   I am looking forward to being a member. I find it really helps me to read about other peoples experiences.  I am a panic person normally so add on some steroids and it is crazy.  When I am panicked it is nice to  go somewhere and read other peoples stories and sometimes it makes me relax some.

  • Posted last week regarding green tea.I was told green tea has no effect on Prograf levels.Anybody out there drink green tea?and if it is ok.My coordinator says herbal teas are iffy,any input on this matter,curious,thanks
  • Hi Cora,

    Thanks for the add!  I hope you are doing well :)

  • Oh my goodness Cora she sounds like a handful!!  Sounds like you have to say Enough!! I cant handle it anymore you are totally stressing me out. Please no more, we have different points of views, it ok, we can agree to disagree and still love each other. But I doubt that will stop her if she has ocd. Ear plugs? :)

  • Hi cora....this is satty here again..i am sorry for not being in touch....hope you are doing fine and are in good health.... I was away for sometime as lot was going on in our lives....my husbands sister is with us now and she would be evaluated as his donor on may 10th. We are very nervous. The biggest concern is she is underweight and much smaller in size than my husband. I have read some worrying things on the internet that says that size mismatches between donor and recipient does not yield good results. Please help me understand this. Thanks a ton. And take good care
  • Happy Anniversary!!


This reply was deleted.

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