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Cardiomyopathy, genetic

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Neoral, Cellcept, Zocor, Bactrim D/s

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As of May 11, 2012 - 5 years and now counting

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Networking, helping others on their journey!

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Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio

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I am a proud heart transplant recipient!! Every single day is a blessing, an extra day of life to live.Working to enlighten the masses on the benefits of being an organ donor.Volunteering at my Transplant center.NEVER EVER FORGETTING MY DONOR and DONOR'S FAMILY!!!

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Share? Ask away, I'll tell you!!

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Volunteering at Cleveland Clinic Supporting my local OPO, Lifebanc Family, grand-kids and great friends

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  • hey DAP - we meet again.  I recognize you from your WordPress handle :)

  • I found you through the quotes group and I just spent some time going through your page and the pictures and such and I loved them all!

  • I really appreciate your legacy of thoughtful sayings Don.  Thanks for your warm welcome!

  • Thanks, for the welcome. Thought I'd never find a site like this one...Just trying to find my way around the site, right now...Have talked to a few people on chat...Sometimes I write in chat and no one answers? Am I doing something wrong?

  •  Happy Birthday Don ! 

  • Thank you.

  • Thanks Don, Hope everything is well for you also!!

  • Hi Don,
    I posted a thank you to both you and MrT on what I think now is his comment wall.? Still learning my way around. I usually stay away from the computer until late at night so it doesn't hook me for the day.
    I appreciate the welcome.
    Here is what I posted before I realized you both wouldn't see it:

    Thanks for the welcome! I am trying to gather as much info as I can for a blog. Not a daily diary of mine; more a place where people who have Pulmonary Fibrosis possibly caused by Lupus can go to for links or tips their doctors have neglected or just don't think to mention.
    I've been on this journey for almost 2 years (actively) and it makes me crazy when I learn new things that I didn't find with my own research before now. And even worse the doctors haven't told me!
    I used The Vest for the first time last week when they got one in at PT. I was practically begging my doctor for something like it for the last year at least.
    Just learned about the Acapella too!
    So if you have any suggestions or input i'd appreciate it and I'm sure the people I do pulmonary therapy with will also appreciate it.
  • Hi Dan.  I am finally back on the site and wanted to say hello.  Thank you for inviting me to be your friend.  I promise I will be better about getting online.  Angel

This reply was deleted.

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