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Little Update and questions!

I haven't posted in a yr..had a good yr., but was hit hard w/either a virus or my disease has worsened since Halloween. Now I have O2 in the house & my Dr. wants me to meet the Transplant Team at UPMC. I'm actually feeling a lot better than I was, but they still want me to meet the team to get the process started. I can't believe it..I thought I was yrs off from starting this process! I'm hoping I stay the way I am now so I can put off the transplant as long as possible!!

Question for those w/kids that have had Transplants at centers away from home...how did you do it w/kids?? That is one of my biggest stressors when I think of the transplant. Aside from the obvious stress of it!

Another ???---Anyone on Cytoxan??  Dr. stopped the Cellcept b/c she didn't think it was working anymore.  Now I take 50mg of Cytoxan.  

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