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Mexican Transplants.

Thanks for your comment Lilian. I hope you are doing well. Dr. Carmona was one of the surgeons I visited with at ABC Hospital in Mexico City last February. My visit with him was very informative. He is a great surgeon.

Since that visit I have been honored to work with 6 Mexican citizens living in the US. Three of those people are getting kidney transplants within the next 6 weeks being given the gift of life by 3 altruistic, non-related, living donors. I was in Mexico last week for the first one, however, due to last minute glitches that surgery has been rescheduled to next month. The patients are private pay getting their surgeries at a private hospital.

The other 3 people will be transplanted at a government hospital. One will receive a cadaver kidney transplant. The surgeons have told us the wait will be 3 months. The other 2 people will have altruistic, non-related, living donor transplants. In these transplants, we helped the patients find donors through matchingdonors.com. The managers of that non-profit website waived the subscription fees for the patients. Matching Donors has waived the fees numerous times for people not able to afford the cost. I have raised travel expense money for these folks through presentations to Rotary Clubs around the country in the home area of each patient needing financial assistance.

Unfortunately, I cannot explain the difference in waiting times between my experience working with people going to Mexico and your experience. I will return to Mexico again next Monday to arrange the final details for one of the above referenced surgeries.

Just for your information, the advocacy efforts I put forth for people needing human organ transplants is done for free. I pay all my own expenses and all money raised for specific patients go directly to cover their costs.

Be well! Enjoy life!

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Transplants for citizens of Mexico!

I recently returned from meetings in Mexico with government health officials and transplant surgeons in Mexico City. Mexican citizens are eligible for human organ transplants immediately. There is no waiting time! Mexican law bars cadavder organs being transplanted into foreigners in order to prevent exploitation. There is a surplus of organs for citizens no matter where they reside, inside or outside Mexico. I toured the surgical facilities and met with the surgeons at ABC Hospital in Mexico City as well as Angeles Hospitals in Tijuana and Mexico City. The facilities are first class and are Joint Commission International certified.If you know any Mexican citizens residing outside Mexico have them contact their local Mexican Consulate or me. There are no middlemen involved. A transplant at a government hospital can be free. Private facility transplants cost an average of $30,000.00 at private hospitals.I post this information only because I don't want anyone who can cut their waiting time down legally to take avantage of this if they can qualify through Mexican authorities.
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