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My wife was doing research and found the forum.

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Kidney failure

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Only 2 weeks.

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I want to get advice from others

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It was performed at baystate medical center

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It's still a work in progress so I can't say yet.

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  • Hi Edgar - I'm glad to meet you tho' we haven't met in person.  I had a kidney-pancreas transplant in October 2002.  This year will be my 19th year with the original transplant.   I was 36 when I had the transplant.  After having type 1 diabetes since 1975 my kidneys failed.  Since I was diabetic the University of Wisconsin Hospital put me on the list for both a kidney and a pancreas.  I no longer have diabetes since the transplant.  So let me tell you getting a transplant was the hardest experience of my life.  I"m 54 now and nothing since then has been as difficult and challenging as surviving that 8 weeks in the hospital and the year or so getting back to 'normal' life.  It took close to year for the doctors to balance all the meds but finally, after lots of labs and many visits to the clinic during that first year I have the right medicine coctail to keep me stable.  I am knocking on wood as I type this.  I have never reached out to anyone to give advise or to ask for it as far as the transplant goes.  I was working full time in the trade-show industry until the COVID-19 pandemic.  As of May 4th I am out of work.  I can't go back for fear of getting the virus.  I'm sitting here in limbo waiting for either a (reliable) vaccine or a cure.  I'm getting unemployment and hoping for another stimulus check from the feds.  Meantime I am reconnecting with my front yard, back yard, squirrels and birds in the yard and, of course, my husband.   Edgar also please keep in mind a couple things since your transplant is so new.  You may have been prescribed painkillers that have side effects such as depression and hopelessness.  Also if you are taking prednisone the same thing can happen.  The painkillers you will get past but prednisone, if you are taking it, you will learn to cope with.  My point is transplant, although a gift of life, is hard.  So many changes to every day life.  The strange thing is that isolating from illness is something I have been doing since the transplant.  You learn to watch out for sick people at the grocery store, you hear someone with a deep gurgly cough and you quickly look around so you can see who it was and go the other way.  Seriously though you will be okay.  It will not be easy.  I wish you the best of luck and good fortune.  I remember how bad it felt at times and I feel for you. 

    Hope M.

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