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Surfing the internet

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My granddaughter had a heart transplant 17 months ago. She had dilated cardiomyopathy. She was only 8 months old when she received her transplant. It turned out that the condition was genetic and her mother (my daughter) also has cardiomyopathy. My daughter's heart like 2 out of 3 people with it improved with time. My granddaughter has done very well since her transplant and is a happy 2 year old.

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1 year

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it is a lonely journey. Heart transplants are so rare, particularly in infants, that it is hard to know what to do or think as a family. I hope that Transplant Friends is a place for support.

Which Transplant Center has or will perform your life saving surgery?

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN

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As a family we are closer and treasure time together more.

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Minneapolis, MN

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  • Hi Gaylyn,

    I am honored to be your friend. As a grandparent with a handicapped grandson who is 29 years old now I certainly understand the deep feelings we have for our injured little ones. My grandson was in surgery the day after his birth for reconstruction on his colon and then later for more reconstruction work on a thumb.  There were times when I thought I couldn't bear to see him suffer one more time. Just keep loving her and I am so happy that she is doing so well.  Will she always be on the meds?

  • Hello Gaylyn, welcome to tx friends, glad you found us and joined. Take care.

  • Welcome Gaylyn. My heart just went pitty pat when I saw that your sweet baby granddaughter had received a transplant at 8 months old. I am very happy that she is doing well.  I, too, am a heart transplant - I was struck down with Viral Cardiomyopathy. Happy and well one day and dying the next. I certainly understand the lonely journey you speak of. It is hard when these tragedies occur and it takes a while to work out how you are going to deal with the blow - but you will, because we humans are stronger than we look. I know that every time you look at this little gal and hold her close that you must feel the greatest feelings of gratitude possible. We are, all of us, on this list fighting our own particular battles. And you know what? We win part of the time and the victorious times are the times that I personally like to dwell on. If you take the time to get to know the wonderful people on here you will be so blessed to have your life touched by them. They are positive, compassionate and oh so brave. Transplant friends certainly is a place for support. So once again welcome.

  •  Greetings Gaylyn , Welcome to Friends !

       Its sad that anyone needs a tx, ESP:  in someone so very very young , But I am Glad to hear she is doing well ! I hope the best for you and your family,  take some time look through our site we do have  Childern transplantees here as well looking forward to chatting with you ! 

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